Portable Vaporizers…Which is best for me?

Portable Vaporizers

There are quite a few ways to consume your medicine.  You can eat it, drink, spray it, smoke it or vaporize it.

A Vaporizer is a tool that allows you to smoke Marijuana without burning any plant matter, which allows for just the active ingredients in Marijuana (THC) to be released into a chamber which is then inhaled, eliminating all of the carcinogenics normally ingested while smoking otherwise.

When determining which portable vaporizer to purchase, there are many factors that need to be taken into close consideration before laying down the cash.  Let’s take a closer look at two vaporizers that are very close in price, the Solo from Arizer and the WISPR developed by iolite.  One of the most important aspects to consider is the size of the unit; if it is intended to be taken on the go, nobody wants to deal with lugging around an oversized machine.  The Solo is about the size of a can of red bull which means taking it on the move is never an issue.   Also take into consideration how discreet the unit is, the WISPR which looks very similar to a walkie-talkie and can be used in even the most crowded of situations.  So far both of these devices are strong contenders in the race for ultimate portable vaporizer, so let’s look a little closer.


One thing that is absolutely vital in achieving the best possible vaporizing experience is the ability to control the temperature and set it to a desired level for optimal performance.  That is where these two vapes start to really differ.  The WISPR is already programmed out of the box to run at a set temperature which some folks may consider to be a pretty big inconvenience.  The Arizer Solo comes equipped with seven preset  temperatures ranging from 122 °F to 410 °F allowing for more customizable vapor sessions.  Another important factor in choosing the top portable vaporizer is the power source.  Butane is nice considering it doesn’t require a charge; however it can be unreliable and expensive over long term use.  Whereas a lithium ion battery can last for up to three hours on a single charge and doesn’t need to be replaced when it runs out like butane.  Also important for flavor is the air path that the vapor travels; the Solo’s is all glass and the WISPR utilizes a plastic mouthpiece.  Both are viable portable devices and it is up to the consumer to decide which vaporizer best suits what they’re looking for.

I hope this helps out!  Happy Healthy Vaporizing!

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8 thoughts on “Portable Vaporizers…Which is best for me?

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  2. I have asthma and smoking herb in a pipe is making it impossuble to continue. Does the vapirizers eleminate the burning of the lungs? Which vape should I buy that will do the less damage. I don’t want togive itup it has helped withmy anxiety.
    Roxanne Bryant

    • Roxanne,
      Of course smoking is not good when living with asthma. Vaporizing is a better option than smoking and can aleviate that burning sensation in your lungs. I have attached a link to to our section on vaporizers. It really comes down to preference. If it’s for home or if it is for portability will be the first decision you will have to make.


      I hope this helps!
      The UPG Team

  3. I have a question…
    I smoke and want the easiest but most valuable vapor pen, or a small table top. I am clueless when it comes to this. My 20 yr old son “knows it all”, but I’d like some real suggestions that makes sense to me. Lol
    Thank you

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