A Cannabis Cancer Survivor’s Story

My husband and I are no strangers to Cancer.  Chemotherapy cured him of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma  20 years ago and I am still clear of Breast Cancer after a single mastectomy within a couple of years of my husband’s illness.

In February of 2011 my now 79 year old hubby was, again, diagnosed with Cancer.  This time it was stage 3B Lung Cancer and we dug in our heels one more time.  He received radiation and chemotherapy during most of April, completing the series near the end of the month.  While it certainly wasn’t easy, it was much easier than 20 years ago.  He was tired a lot, but at least the side effects were manageable.

In June I noticed he was slurring his words.  A scan revealed metastasis to his brain which meant more radiation.  That treatment was completed by the end of the month and he was worn out.

In mid July he became very ill and was admitted to the hospital for radiation pneumonitis (pneumonia).  He remained in the hospital for about 6 days and an oxygen concentrator was set up at home so that he could have supplemental oxygen 24/7 when he returned. He carried a small tank with him when we left the house.

Throughout this ordeal he went for acupuncture treatments and a Reiki practitioner came to the house regularly, but he was very weak.

In early August we met with the Palliative Care Team and his oncologist told him that he probably had only weeks to live.  He was admitted to Hospice on August 8th.

In November we learned, through United Patients Group (formerly Doobons.com) about the surprising health-enhancing properties of medicinal cannabis and he began taking half of a (325 mg) day capsule every morning.  Within a week he found he was able to do without his supplemental oxygen and there were no side effects from the capsules!  Six months have passed and he is still breathing just fine without extra oxygen.

Even more than that, where he had only been able to walk very short distances before taking the cannabis, these are some of the things he’s done since he started taking those wonderful little yellow capsules.

In March we took a 3 week vacation to Palm Desert and he actually swam a few laps in the pool.  By that time he was also able to walk blocks, not just feet.  His recovery has been even more remarkable since we added a small nightly dose of cannabis oil that has been formulated especially for his condition.  Still no side effects ~ only benefits!

In April we staged and sold our house, found a home for half of our belongings and packed up and moved to a beautiful senior community a few miles away.  He actually helped pack boxes and even put a few loads in our pickup truck!  Here in this place we laughingly call “The Old Folks’ Home” he takes part in exercise classes regularly, can walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, and really has very few limitations.  He does take a nap (or two) most days and occasionally he’ll have a “catch-up day” when he does very little except watch TV with one eye, but he’s doing great!

We had a exciting reason to celebrate last week.  The MRI of his brain came back clear of Cancer!!  His wonderful Hospice nurse continues to visit him weekly, which he likes, but I don’t think they’ll allow him to stay on it much longer.

Now that we’re in a new community he has a new oncologist who calls him a “Miracle Man.”  The doctor said that, with the kind of diagnosis my husband had, only a very small percentage of patients have had an outcome like this.  Every moment is precious and we are so very grateful!

I pray that my husband’s story will inspire others to learn more about medical cannabis and its applications for many ailments ~ not only Cancer!

Barbara – Sonoma County, California

9 thoughts on “A Cannabis Cancer Survivor’s Story

  1. My grandfather is experiencing the same symptoms as described, he also has lung and prostate cancer. He is 79 now and just got admitted to hospital and they said he has pneumonia now. How can I find out more about the medical pill and how I can get some for my grandfather. Any information is usefull. Thank you

    • Hello Jose, The capsule that my father takes is a coconut oil infused cannabis capsule. We freeze it and cut it. My father takes 1/3 of this capsule late morning. The manufacturer of this capsule is in the San Francisco Bay area.
      If you would like to duscuss further please email us at Info@UnitedPatientsGroup.com

      ~The UPG Team

  2. Medical doctors should be able to handle cannabis the same way as they handle salycidic acid (aspirin) since it’s just another natural plant. Or Solomon’s Seal…… I mean, the plant was prepared by Merck, and other companies years ago, and listed it in the 1899 Merck Manual I notice. Unfortunately, living where I do, i.e. in the 19th century Bible Belt, I suppose I should be thankful they don’t take my aspirin away too …..

    I first noticed that cannabis was a medicine when I noticed it would inhibit my RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and permit me a night’s sleep.


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