Herbalizer Vaporizer Technology Developed by Former NASA Engineer Hits the Cannabis Market Running

gI_68145_Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.14.23 PMThe online resource for medical cannabis information has awarded its coveted Seal of Approval to the Herbalizer, a vaporizer developed by former NASA engineers.

As medical cannabis grows in popularity, more and more patients have been turning to vaporizers as a superior method of ingesting their medicine. The selective review committee at United Patients Group, a trusted online resource for medicinal cannabis information, have been looking for the perfect vaporizing system to recommend to patients, and they’ve finally found it: the Herbalizer.

The sleek clamshell design, adjustable heat settings, aromatherapy mode, and discreet stash spot make “Herbie” the perfect companion for cannabis patients of all experience levels—earning it the United Patients Group Seal of Approval.

“We are proud to give our Seal of Approval to the Herbalizer,” declares John Malanca,HERBALIZER-8182 founder and owner of United Patients Group. “Herbie is the most advanced vaporizing system on the market, but it’s so easy to use that even novice cannabis patients will love it.”

Many medical cannabis patients find vaporizing to be the easiest delivery system for cannabis relief. Smoking your medicine can be hard on the lungs and destroys many of the gentle components of cannabis, eating it can take too long to take effect and too uncontrolled. Vaporizing delivers quick relief without the smoke—a win/win. And, vaporization saves you money on your medicine because there is no waste.

The Herbalizer is designed with smartvape technology to deliver precise temperature vaporization. This precision makes Herbie the best vaporizer for patients because it enables specific cannabinoid extraction, and has control and repeatability of the relief it delivers. It functions in two modes, vapor-therapy and aroma-therapy, so patients can choose between three delivery modes: a balloon, a silicone whip, or freestyle.

“We recommend the Herbalizer to our network of patients because of its controlled delivery system, product design, and user experience, all of which are unparalleled,” says Malanca. “Herbie gives patients the right dosage of medicine and then gives them a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance with its aroma-therapy feature. This one’s a game-changer!”

For more information about the Herbalizer, or

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3 thoughts on “Herbalizer Vaporizer Technology Developed by Former NASA Engineer Hits the Cannabis Market Running

  1. thank you for presenting this useful and necessary device for medical marijuana patients. Sadly, i am on P/T work, my wife (the main patient) is on a small SSd check monthly. Any chance of contests, sweeps, giveaways, so we or at least ashe can benefit. Otherwise this is out of our financial capability.

    • Deane,
      If you are on our e mail list, we just launched a deal that will run through the 27th. They are offering 10% off for UPG followers! Possibly in the future we will do a give-away. Stay tuned!

      ~The UPG Team

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