Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Alcoholism & Addiction

Since marijuana has earned an undeserved negative reputation in many quarters, it is often difficult to determine what is fact and what is politics when talking about medical marijuana. However, several studies have pointed to definite possibilities of using marijuana to overcome dependence on more harmful drugs and alcoholism. Continue reading

Resources Keep Growing for Medical Marijuana Patients

cannabis tree

Doobons is committed to helping patients who rely on medical marijuana to help relieve their pain and symptoms of serious and chronic illnesses. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for patients to find reliable information about cannabis and medical marijuana use. Continue reading

This Weekend! Doobons to Attend Hempcon Medical Marijuana Show

Hempcon, the annual medical marijuana show that attracts dispensaries, care givers, cannabis educators and others from across the nation is returning to San Jose. You can find Doobons at Hempcon in our double booth with relaxing lounge area at exhibit numbers 611 and 612. We invite you to stop by for a visit! Continue reading

Cannabis and Cannabinoids: How Medical Marijuana Helps

Among those using medical marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of painful illnesses and conditions, there is no question that medical marijuana works. The question for most is how medical marijuana works when many other potential treatments do not. Doctors believe that the answer lies in cannabinoids, the active ingredients in medical marijuana that are only found in the cannabis plants. Continue reading

Finding the Best Medical Marijuana Strain

If you are a cannabis patient just beginning to explore using medical marijuana to treat a medical condition, the choices of which strain is best for your particular needs can be overwhelming. Doobons has made the process of choosing easier by adding a section to their Resource Page: What Marijuana Strain is Best for Me? Continue reading

Taking a Trip – Can I Bring My Marijuana?

We are commonly asked questions about whether or not it is legal to travel with medical marijuana. After extensive research we have begun creating dedicated pages on the site that will provide some clarification and help patients and caregivers when planning trips. Continue reading

Seniors Benefit Most From Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can benefit seniors and others who are suffering from serious illnesses, and as more states move towards legalization, the potential stigmas associated with its use by seniors are fading. Continue reading

Can I Be Arrested If I Visit a Medical Marijuana Dispensary During a Raid?

Following the recent raid by federal agents at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, which trained people to work in the medical marijuana industry, we have had a flurry of Doobons visitors asking us questions concerning visits to medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Read our tips and options to consider in regards to dispensaries. Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Caregiver’s Story

This is my story of how I came to be a medical marijuana caregiver.  I hope it helps others who might be in the same place of needing to help a loved one have access to marijuana to take away their pain and discomfort from the side effects of cancer treatments. Continue reading

What is a Marijuana DUI?

Marijuana DUI Field Sobriety Test

A marijuana DUI (Driving Under the Influence) can be issued to any person guilty of driving while under the influence of marijuana to the point where it impairs their ability to drive to an “appreciable degree.” Because of the lack of ability to define “legal limit” with marijuana and guidelines as to what level of THC in the blood stream leads to impairment, most convictions are based on using police observations and outdated or inappropriate tests. Continue reading

Legalizing Marijuana Is an Act of Compassion

Map of California Counties Accepting Medical Marijuana Card Applications

Personally, of all the names of laws that exist in the United States, The Compassionate Use Act has to be one of United Patients Group’s favorites. This Act, also known as Proposition 215, was passed for seriously ill patients in California in 1996, affording them and their designated caregivers the right to obtain and use medical marijuana to manage and treat illnesses upon receiving a written recommendation from an approved physician within the state. Continue reading

Do You Know the Difference Between Marijuana and Hash?

Hash, a form of medical cannabis

One frequently asked question by medical marijuana patients is “What’s the difference between marijuana and hash?” Doobons explores why hash is more potent than marijuana, what has oil is, and the medicinal uses of hash. Continue reading

First Time Visit to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Once you have your medical marijuana recommendation from a state certified health care provider, you can visit a marijuana dispensary. Going for your first time to a medical marijuana dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. Dispensaries will have a large variety of different types and strains of marijuana, as well as different kinds of medical marijuana products, such as edibles, tinctures, tonics, creams, etc. Dispensaries will also be able to show you all the different ways of using medical marijuana, i.e. smoking, vaporizing, edible & liquid consumption, etc. Continue reading

5 Benefits of Vaporizing Medical Marijuana


Vaporization is one of the most highly recommended methods of consuming medical marijuana. Vaporizers heat up cannabis at just the right temperature so as not to cause combustion but to allow extraction of the active, most medicinally beneficially components of cannabis. Once the process is complete, patients can inhale the vapor, and get fast pain and symptom relief. Continue reading

Conditions That Qualify for Medical Marijuana Card in California

California is one of 17 states that have enacted laws favorable to medical patients seeking to use marijuana to relieve pain and symptoms from serious conditions where traditional drugs and treatments have been ineffective. A medical marijuana identification card offers those that are seriously ill a confidential method to verify to law enforcement officials that they qualify for the use of medical marijuana. Continue reading

Street v. Medical Marijuana? Top 2 Reasons Why Medical is Better.

Though it can sometimes to be easy to obtain marijuana off the street from a friend or friend of a friend, medical marijuana is very different than that sold for recreational use. Continue reading

How Do You Know Which Medical Marijuana Strain Is Right For You?

Patients who are suffering from medical conditions in which traditional drug treatments are ineffective will often look for an alternative source of symptom and pain relief using medical marijuana. If you are just beginning to search for the best medical cannabis to treat your particular condition, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. We hope to provide some simple information here to get you on your way in choosing the right strain or hybrid strain to best meet your needs. Continue reading

Marinol – A Smokescreen to Avoid Legalizing Medical Marijuana


Many who oppose the legalization of medical marijuana claim that Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, is an equivalent alternative to cannabis for pain and symptom management. However, decades of medical and patient evidence proves otherwise. The government even used a quick push of Marinol through the FDA approval process as an easy way to alleviate and sidetrack the mounting political pressure to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis. Continue reading