Pax vaporizers…doing a body good

A proper vaporizer is designed to heat medical cannabis to a point where the trichomes evaporate. Premium vaporizers will leave the plant material untouched (or browned). When you burn your cannabis with a flame – it combusts. Combustion causes smoke, … Continue reading

The Next Seven States To Legalize Pot

The Berlin Wall of pot prohibition seems to be crumbling before our eyes. By fully legalizing marijuana through direct democracy, Colorado and Washington have fundamentally changed the national conversation about cannabis. As many as 58 percent of Americans now believe … Continue reading

Finding the Best Medical Marijuana Strain

If you are a cannabis patient just beginning to explore using medical marijuana to treat a medical condition, the choices of which strain is best for your particular needs can be overwhelming. Doobons has made the process of choosing easier by adding a section to their Resource Page: What Marijuana Strain is Best for Me? Continue reading

Buying in the Shops VS. Growing at Home: Which is Right for You? by MMJ Patient/Blogger Alexis

Marijuana is no longer a hippie subculture accessory, but rather a medicinal herb that may trump some of the most commonly used pills and over the counter palliatives. Chances are you or a loved one have stood in line at … Continue reading

MMJ Testing – Why it’s SO Important – Halent Laboratories

For about 2,500 years, since the days of Hippocrates, the primary imperative of all physicians and other health care workers has been “Do no harm!”  In keeping with this solemn oath, still sworn to by all licensed physicians, Halent Laboratories … Continue reading

Medical Marijuana and Lyme Disease…Alexis’ story

Warning Sign

United Patients Group is happy to be here for all types of patients.  One of our patients Alexis, has shared her struggle with Late Stage Lyme Disease and how she found relief in Medical Marijuana.  This is her story… My … Continue reading

Our Journey has brought us some amazing stories…

From the first day of launch, has been humbled by some amazing stories from around the world. It gives us great pleasure and strength to continue in our work to support the use of medicinal marijuana in medical research and development. Continue reading

Stories Shared: How Medical Marijuana Helps Relieve Suffering

Image of medical marijuana user

There is such controversy and judgment around the use of cannabis – even when used by those that are suffering from serious illnesses and in cases where conventional therapies have been tried and failed to alleviate symptoms or pain. However, I will tell you this, the moment you see someone you love balled up and crying in pain or withering away in front of your eyes due to not being able to eat, all judgment immediately fades away… Continue reading