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This level will include the following:

Business Name
Business Address, City, State, Zip
Business Phone
Search Results Pin
Listing in Mobile App

This level includes ALL fields from the Basic subscription PLUS:

Business Logo
Email and Web Listing
Operating Hours
Enhanced Search Results
Daily Deals

This level includes ALL fields from the Intermediate subscription PLUS:

Photo & Videos Gallery
Social Media Links
Product Menu
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Tier 1’s Basic subscription gives your business exposure to patients by showing your company’s address and phone number, as well as a map listing for easy location-based search results on the website and mobile app.

Tier 2, our Intermediate subscription package gives businesses a chance to increase their branding opportunity. Enhanced search results allow patients on to find your company with ease. Additionally, more information, including operating hours, email, web listing, and your business logo, allow your company to stand out from the Tier 1 subscribers.

Our Tier 3 subscribers gain the largest variety of advantages. In addition to everything in Tier 1 & 2, Advanced subscribers receive their own company profile page with a photo and video gallery, reviews section, and product menu option. Tier 3 companies also have the opportunity to post banner ads to both the United Patients Group’s website and mobile app. Also included, Advanced members can add their social media links to their company profile and listing, and create geo-targeted deals for customers in your area.