United Patients Group


United Patients Group to Proudly Participate in Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo and Epilepsy Awareness Day 2015 at Disneyland Resort
October 31, 2015

United Patients Group brings medical cannabis education to the largest gathering of epilepsy support groups ever assembled to help raise awareness and erase the stigma surrounding epilepsy

United Patients Group Announces Non-Profit Status to Focus on Advocacy and Action in Education and Information to Medical Cannabis Industry
September 30, 2015

New non-profit division will foster access and momentum in research, the continued development of fair and balanced laws, consistent product testing standards, and safe and reliable patient information funded through donations, fundraising and grants.

United Patients Group Launches Medical Cannabis Consultancy for Businesses and Other Organizations
September 1, 2015

Service fills a growing need from government officials, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, and others seeking reliable guidance and innovative solutions in the rapidly-evolving cannabis industry.

Touching Pediatric Cancer Documentary “Weed the People” Endorsed by United Patients Group
August 1, 2015

The popular cannabinoid therapy information resource says the film shines a light on the need for legislative change and support for patients suffering serious medical conditions.

United Patients Group Participates in Historical Medical Cannabis Policy Briefing with New Zealand Healthcare Officials
July 23, 2015

The New Zealand Drug Foundation in conjunction with United in Compassion New Zealand call upon United Patients Group to contribute to a first-of-its-kind collaboration between US and international experts to further explore cannabis as a possible therapeutic treatment in New Zealand for a range of conditions

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Cannabinoid Products Receive United Patients Group Seal of Approval
June 30, 2015

The popular cannabis resource applauds Mary’s Medicinals achievements in developing standardized dosage with transdermal cannabinoid therapies.

United Patients Group Welcomes Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Cannabinoid Products to California
June 6, 2015

Mary’s Medicinals standardized dosage transdermal cannabinoid therapies are now available in a growing number of cannabis dispensaries across the Golden State

United Patients Group Applauds Anti-Overdose Initiatives of Cannabis Edibles Leader Auntie Dolores
April 2, 2015

New standardized dosages and packaging for cannabis-infused edibles made by Auntie Dolores help patients get the most—and not too much—from its yummy-tasting medical products.

United Patients Group Introduces New Cannabis Suppositories from StateWide Collective
March 28, 2015

New cannabinoid therapy option offers patients reliable, measured doses in a format that has been requested and desired by many.

United Patients Group Announces Speaker Lineup for Educational Seminar by American Cannabis Nurses Association
February 24, 2015

The list of speakers and topics for “ACNA Core Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing,” presented by the American Cannabis Nurses Association and hosted by the Laguna Woods Village Cannabis Club, has been announced. It includes some of the leading practitioners of cannabinoid medicine, says United Patients Group.

United Patients Group Invites Nurses to Join Educational Seminar by American Cannabis Nurses Association
January 30, 2015

In support of increased knowledge of the benefits of cannabinoid medicine, United Patients Group urges nurses to attend the upcoming seminar “ACNA Core Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing,” presented by the American Cannabis Nurses Association.

United Patients Group Spearheads Medicinal Cannabis Education Efforts with CME-Eligible Online Courses
January 29, 2015

United Patients Group is leading the charge to bring the latest knowledge about medical cannabis to the international medical community with online courses covering cannabinoid medicine research and clinical applications. Doctors can now receive up to 12 CME credits for online medical-cannabis education.

United Patients Group Now Offering CEU-Eligible Online Courses on Medicinal Cannabis
December 11, 2014

United Patients Group collaborates with The Medical Cannabis Institute to offer courses covering the science behind and application of cannabinoid therapy. The courses are aimed at medical professionals, policy makers, local governments, and anyone who wants to learn more about the science behind medical cannabis.

Arm Yourself with Education to Deal with Serious Illness, Urges United Patients Group
October 4, 2014

Sooner or later, everyone will be faced with a loved one falling ill. In an upcoming seminar presented by United Patients Group, participants will learn everything they need to know about using medical cannabis to treat serious ailments and urges people to arm themselves with education so they’ll be ready when the time comes.

United Patients Group to Host Seminar: ‘Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype’
September 20, 2014

This one-day conference will present the latest scientific findings about cannabis as medicine and help healthcare providers better understand how it can be used to treat their patients.

United Patients Group Explains Top 5 Cannabinoids that Help Medical Cannabis Patients Heal
September 18, 2014

The medicinal power of cannabis comes from the plant’s many naturally healing chemicals and the way they interact, explains United Patients Group.

Great Success with the Ice Bucket Challenge; Now United Patients Group Challenges the ALS Foundation
August 28, 2014

As Internet users soak themselves with ice water, the ALS Association’s #icebucketchallenge, United Patients Group is throwing cold water on mainstream assumptions about treatment options. The leading source for medicinal cannabis news and information reviews the scientific literature to show how cannabis can help alleviate the worst symptoms of ALS.

United Patients Group Launches Full-Service Marketing: Reaching Even Deeper Into The Medical Cannabis Realm
August 21, 2014

The popular resource for news, information, and one-on-one consultations about medicinal marijuana is helping reputable service providers and makers of high quality cannabis-related products to reach legitimate patients.

United Patients Group Launches Consultation Service to Help Patients Navigate Cannabis Market
August 15, 2014

The trusted medicinal cannabis information resource now offers one-on-one phone or Skype consultations to help patients and caregivers navigate the world of medical marijuana.

United Patients Group Offers Virtual Hand for Patients and Businesses
August 9, 2014
The popular resource for medicinal cannabis is highlighting its old-fashioned relationship-based service and support that grateful patients, caregivers and advertisers call “virtual hand-holding.”
United Patients Group Announces the Herbalizer Vaporizer Technology Developed by Former NASA Engineer Hits the Cannabis Market Running
August 1, 2014

The online resource for medical cannabis information has awarded its coveted Seal of Approval to the Herbalizer, a vaporizer developed by former NASA engineers.

United Patients Group - Leading Medical Cannabis Information Website Simplifies Current Cannabis Laws By State
July 12, 2014

At a time when state cannabis laws are changing faster than ever, it can be easy to lose track of what’s legal where. To help clarify, United Patients Group just posted a roundup of current and pending cannabis laws in every state.

United Patients Group Finds Shocking Results For Fibromyalgia Sufferers
July 2, 2014

United Patients Group highlights a recent survey that showed medicinal cannabis to be far more effective than prescription drugs to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia, and explores the pros and cons of each treatment.

United Patients Group Supports “Patients Out of Time’s Cannabis Therapeutics Conference”
May 1, 2014

The trusted online resource for medical cannabis patients is proud to support the upcoming Patients Out of Time’s Eighth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Portland, Oregon.

United Patients Group to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “California Has Been a Refuge for Cannabis Patients for Nearly Two Decades”
March 13, 2014

United Patients Group applauds Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent program, “Weed 2: Cannabis Madness,” and adds that cannabis is an effective treatment for epilepsy and many other diseases and that Colorado is not the only destination for patients seeking safe access to the treatment they need; California has been a refuge for cannabis patients for eighteen years.

United Patients Group Launches StateWide Collective’s “Dosing by the mg, Not the Gram!” Campaign
March 1, 2014

StateWide Collectives is debuting their new line of CBD-rich medicines on the go-to source for medical cannabis information, United Patients Group.

Leading Medical Cannabis Advocate United Patients Group Calls for New Research into Cancer-Killing Effects of Cannabis Extracts
February 7, 2014

United Patients Group points to growing evidence that cannabis extracts kill cancer cells, and calls on powerful individuals to fund clinical trials of this potential cancer cure and for state and federal regulatory agencies to help facilitate such research.

United Patients Group Warns of Troubling New Cannabis Legislation
February 5, 2014

By endorsing only high-CBD cannabis, the new legislation will do more harm than good, says the go-to source for medical cannabis information.

United Patients Group Teams Up With Parents of Salt Lake City’s First Marijuana Pediatric Patient
December 11, 2013

Parents reveal the real-life challenges of finding and administering cannabis oil to help treat their toddler son, Salt Lake City’s first pediatric cannabis patient, at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Time to Tell the Truth About Cannabis for Kids With Cancer, Says United Patients Group and Cash Hyde Foundation
November 27, 2013

Medical marijuana resource United Patients Group and the Cash Hyde Foundation step up initiatives to change public perception and policies that keep families from finding the best treatment for the cancer that tortures their children.

United Patients Group Remembers Child Medical Marijuana Pioneer Cash Hyde on Anniversary of His Death
November 14, 2013

Today marks one year since Cash “Cashy” Hyde, one of the nation’s first child medical marijuana users, succumbed to terminal brain cancer. United Patients Group takes a look at how things have changed since his passing.

United Patients Group Joins Experts and Advocates at 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Colorado
October 17, 2013

Medical marijuana resource United Patients Group will join over 1,000 experts and advocates as a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference being held in Denver, Colorado from October 23-26.

Who’s Doing the Stance Dance? United Patients Group Highlights Big Changes in Prominent Marijuana Positioning
October 9, 2013

Medical marijuana resource United Patients Group lists prominent figures who have changed their stances on the cannabis plant.

United Patients Group Puts Focus on Childhood Cancer Awareness Beyond Month of September
September 28, 2013

As Childhood Cancer Awareness Month winds to a close, United Patients Group presents a call-to-action for regulatory change and improvement in treatment options for children.

United Patients Group Is Proud to Sponsor 2013 International Cannabis and Hemp Expo’s Connoisseurs Cup in San Francisco
September 4, 2013

The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo (INTCHE) is hosting its 3rd Annual Connoisseurs Cup at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco on Saturday, September 7, 2013.

United Patients Group and The Werc Shop Set Standards for Patient Care in Standard-less Medical Marijuana Market
August 17, 2013

Two California companies raise the bar for patient advocacy and care, by putting medical marijuana products and services through the ringer, weeding out the bad from the good, and adding trust to an often deceitful market.

Medical Marijuana Resource United Patients Group Gives "Seal of Approval" to Outstanding Products and Companies
June 29, 2013

United Patients Group introduces a new way for patients to know what products and businesses are reliable and trustworthy in terms of quality and customer service with its Seal of Approval, awarded to select products, brands and organizations that meet very specific standards set by the medical marijuana resource.

Medical Marijuana Cancer Patient Advocate Takes Action: United Patients Group Officially Announces Mike Hyde’s Candidacy for Mayor of Missoula, Montana
June 29, 2013

Mike Hyde, a well-known Missoula resident and advocate for policy change, recently announced he is entering the race for city mayor.

United Patients Group and The Cash Hyde Foundation Present the Screening of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny in Mill Valley
June 15, 2013

Join United Patients Group and the Cash Hyde Foundation as they pay tribute to a young victim of pediatric cancer during a special screening of the new documentary, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny on Thursday, June 20 at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley.

Who is America’s Longest Running War Really Helping? In Theaters Today, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny Seeks Answers to Big Questions
June 6, 2013

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, now playing in select theaters across the nation, takes a hard look inside America’s longest running war to find out why the government and big pharma companies are benefiting from cannabis restrictions while others are suffering.

United Patients Group Gives Five Reasons Hosting a Movie Premiere Boosts Marketing Efforts
May 18, 2013

‘American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny,’ the latest documentary from filmmaker Kevin Booth produced in association with UnitedPatientsGroup.com, premieres June 6, 2013 using a “Theaters on Demand” distribution concept that gives companies and individuals the chance to host their own screening. United Patients Group gives five marketing benefits of hosting a premiere.

United Patients Group Joins Other Industry Leaders at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo in Burlingame, California May 18-19, 2013
May 15, 2013

The second annual International Cannabis and Hemp Expo (Intche) at the Burlingame Old Hyatt Cinema this weekend seeks to educate and evolve the cannabis community with celebrity speakers, live music, featured collectives and more.

Host a Screening of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, the New Film by Director Kevin Booth in Association with UnitedPatientsGroup.com
April 27, 2013

Produced in association with United Patients Group, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny is the second American Drug War documentary from filmmaker Kevin Booth. Set for release June 6, 2013, this gripping look inside the medical marijuana industry asks big questions about the secret motives for restricting cannabis and who America’s longest running war is really hurting.

Benefits of Hemp Oil in Skincare Now Showcased at UnitedPatientsGroup.com
April 20, 2013

Hemp Hemp Hooray products—the premier all-natural organic hemp oil beauty products imported from Australia—are perfect for acne-prone skin, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and bed sores.

Medical Marijuana Resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com Adds New Naturopathic Medicine Page
March 30, 2013

As more patients turn to UnitedPatientsGroup.com for trustworthy information about medical marijuana and alternative pain medicine, the reputable website extends its reach with the addition of a new Naturopathic Medicine page.

National Cancer Control Month: Time to Revisit Marijuana Laws, Says UnitedPatientsGroup.com
March 27, 2013

During the month of April, medical marijuana resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com will explore the federal government’s schizophrenic messages about medicinal cannabis, and how Congress is failing to address health and welfare concerns of Americans living with cancer.

Pediatric Cancer Mom Turns Her Pain into Purpose with Aid of United Patients Group
March 16, 2013

Alternative medicine website UnitedPatientsGroup.com is helping Kalli Hyde—mother of four-year-old Cash Hyde, who recently lost his battle with brain cancer—turn her pain into purpose by helping heal and support families coping with childhood cancer.

Medical Cannabis Resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com Enters Phase 3 of Growth, Puts Spotlight on Pediatric Foundations
February 2, 2013

In a continued effort to provide the highest quality medical marijuana information for patients, UnitedPatientsGroup.com introduces an improved website design and adds pediatric foundation profiles to help guide families with children suffering from cancer, seizures, diabetes and other ailments.

United Patients Group Announces Rebrand Of Hemp Oil Wellness Products
January 22, 2013

Dixie X is now Dixie Botanicals. New look, same quality hemp wellness.  Industry partners United Patients Group and Medical Marijuana Inc. announce the rebranding initiative of Dixie X to support goals for future product development.

Dixie X Is Now Dixie Botanicals; United Patients Group Partner Rebrands Hemp Oil Wellness Products
January 19, 2013

Industry partners United Patients Group and Medical Marijuana Inc. announce the rebranding initiative of Dixie X to support goals for future product development.

Cannabis Chewing Gum from Medical Marijuana Inc. Coming Soon, Says UnitedPatientsGroup.com
December 22, 2012

CBD-based chewing gum, the latest development of the medical marijuana industry produced by Medical Marijuana Inc. and CanChew Bio-technologies, will hit the shelves of health food markets in the near future, says UnitedPatientsGroup.com.

UnitedPatientsGroup.com Reflects on 2012 and the Advancement of the Cannabis Industry
December 8, 2012

The marijuana industry certainly had its ups and downs this year, but pot eventually came out on top. From ridiculous protests to monumental legislations, online medical marijuana resource United Patients Group looks back at the top 12 most memorable marijuana moments of 2012:

United Patients Group Spearheads Cash Hyde Foundation Medical Marijuana Reform Movement
December 1, 2012

The Hyde Family has selected medical marijuana resource http://www.UnitedPatientsGroup.com to propel the Cash Hyde Foundation to the next phase. The organization, named after the Hyde family’s 4-year-old son who lost his battle with brain cancer last month, is dedicated to helping families obtain and retain access to the cannabis-based medications they need.

Four-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient Latest Casualty of Medical Marijuana Crackdown
November 17, 2012

Cash “Cashy” Hyde passed away in his father’s arms this week. The four-year-old Montana boy—whose malignant brain cancer had been in remission while he received consistent medical cannabis treatments—is the latest casualty in the federal government’s war on voter-approved medical marijuana, says John Malanca, a close friend of the Hyde family, and founder of the medical marijuana information website…

Medical Marijuana Inc. Sees Vertical and Horizontal Growth with PhytoSPHERE Subsidiary
November 13, 2012

The integration and expansion of PhytoSPHERE’s state-of-the-art growing and extraction technologies give Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) the edge in production of today’s and tomorrow’s premium hemp oil-based products.

Marijuana Legalization a Step in the Right Direction for Social Progress, Says United Patients Group
November 10, 2012

The ballots have been cast. The people have been heard. But now that the smoke has cleared, how does the medical marijuana community stand on the new cannabis policies in Washington and Colorado, the first two states to ever approve ballot initiatives that legalize recreational marijuana use? United Patients Group explains.

National Marijuana Business Conference 2012 to Host Dixie Elixirs President Tripp Keber
November 3, 2012

The CEO of Red Dice Holdings—which owns Medical Marijuana Inc., Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, and Dixie X Wellness Products—discusses new products and the future of infused-product manufacturing with leading medical marijuana industry professionals from across the United States November 8 and 9, 2012, at the Sherman Street Event Center in Denver, Colorado. Dixie X Wellness Products are marketed online by UnitedPatientsGroup.com.

The Future of Marijuana: United Patients Group Explains Potential Benefits of Rescheduling Medical Cannabis for Patients
October 27, 2012

In the most recent appeal to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance to Schedule III, IV or V, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) are pushing the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to consider the numerous medical marijuana patients who struggle to receive proper care. Medical marijuana resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com explains why rescheduling cannabis is important for these patients.

Dixie X Hemp-Derived CBD Tincture Wins Top Honor at The Hemp Connoisseur Championship
October 20, 2012

Dixie X Dew Drops CBD Hemp Oil Tincture was named Best CBD Edible at the First Annual The Hemp Connoisseur (THC) Championship. Dixie X products are marketed online through United Patients Group.

Patients Out of Time Presents An Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis Seminar Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing
October 15, 2012

Medical cannabis educational forum Patients Out of Time is hosting a seminar for nurses on October 23, 2012 that will explain why cannabis is a safe and effective medication for a wide array of conditions. This seminar will provide six contact hours approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. UnitedPatientsGroup.com to provide financial support for this educational opportunity.

Cancer-fighting Potential of Cannabidiol Bodes Well for Dixie X Hemp Products
October 6, 2012

Hemp-derived CBD wellness products appear to be in the right place at the right time, says medical marijuana resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com.

UnitedPatientsGroup.com Announces New Ways to Save on Dixie X Hemp CBD Wellness Products from Medical Marijuana Inc.
September 22, 2012

For powerful pain and anxiety relief without psychotropic effects, medical marijuana resource UnitedPatientsGroup.com announces two chances for patients to save money on the new Dixie X Hemp products from Medical Marijuana Inc.

UnitedPatientsGroup.com Recommends New Hemp-Derived CBD Products from Medical Marijuana Inc., Powerful Pain Relief Without the High
September 15, 2012

Medical marijuana has been shown to provide incomparable pain relief for even the most chronic sufferers, but UnitedPatientsGroup.com (formerly Doobons.com) has found many patients are intimidated by its psychotropic effects. The medical marijuana resource website recommends trying the revolutionary new Dixie X hemp-derived CBD products from Medical Marijuana Inc. for pain relief without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Hemp Tincture, Salve, and Capsules from Dixie X Disrupt Pharma with CBD Pain Relief
September 8, 2012

UnitedPatientsGroup.com (formerly Doobons.com) is proud to announce the launch of Dixie X hemp-derived CBD wellness products, now available OTC in stores and online. Containing no THC and carrying no risk of overdose or psychoactive effect, Dixie X hemp tincture, salve, and capsules are packed with natural hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

UnitedPatientsGroup.com Founder Speaks to California Seniors About Medical Marijuana
August 25, 2012

During a recent presentation at a prestigious retirement community in Northern California, the founder of the medical cannabis educational resource site UnitedPatientsGroup.com (formerly Doobons.com) spoke to seniors about the benefits and uses of medical cannabis, uncovering the misconceptions and reservations that keep many from enjoying the medication’s positive effects.

5 Medical Marijuana Myths Debunked: Expelling Medical Cannabis Myths, Doobons.com Rebrands to Reach Terminal Patients in Need
August 4, 2012

In an effort to better educate those affected by terminal illness, top-rated medical resource for alternative medicine, Doobons.com rebrands to become United Patients Group, the leading source for trustworthy and accurate medical cannabis information.

Doobons.com Sends Out Plea for Cannabis Oil Donations for Four-Year-Old Brain Cancer Victim Cash Hyde
July 28, 2012

Cancer returns after Montana medical marijuana dispensary closures cut off supply of the cannabis oil that kept Cash Hyde’s malignant tumor in remission.

Medical Marijuana: Doobons.com Explains Options for New Patients
July 14, 2012

Doobons.com explains several alternatives to smoking medical marijuana and how patients can benefit from exploring their options.

Medical Cannabis Resource Site Doobons.com Helps the Cash Hyde Foundation Spread Smiles
June 28, 2012

Online medical cannabis resource Doobons.com donates 20 “Reggae Runners” to children’s hospitals across the Bay Area in an effort to combat pediatric cancer and support the Cash Hyde Foundation.

Medical Cannabis “Patients’ Room” Launches on Doobons.com
June 16, 2012

Doobons.com has launched a new section onsite that offer patients with serious medical conditions several links to authoritative online documents, sites and resources. Tabbed the “Patients’ Room,” the section is designed to easily assist patients in finding important information that directly relates to their own medical condition.

Cannabis Effective for Easing MS Symptoms, but Not for Slowing Progression
June 2, 2012

Although research conducted in a large UK study failed to prove cannabis effective for slowing the progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), patients reported marijuana helpful for relieving symptoms of the disease. Idrasil believes its standardized 25 mg full-spectrum cannabis tablets are ideal for MS patients who prefer all-natural remedies that don’t require smoking and deliver consistent results.

European Medical Marijuana Product Sativex is Challenged by North America’s New Cannabis Pill Idrasil, Says Doobons
May 19, 2012

Idrasil, a full-spectrum cannabinoid pill, satisfies the medical community with its standardized 25 mg tablet and changes the way patients and physicians view medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Resource Site Doobons.com Partners with Idrasil to Deliver First Full-Spectrum Medicinal Cannabis Pill in Measured Dosages
May 5, 2012

Doobons.com and Idrasil™ announced today a strategic partnership to market Idrasil, the groundbreaking medical marijuana pill, on the Doobons.com website.

Patients Out of Time, UCSF and U of AZ College of Nursing to Host 7th National Cannabis Therapeutics Conference April 26-28 – Doobons.com to Tweet Highlights
April 14, 2012

With a focus on the emerging science of the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), this educational conference hosted by Patients Out of Time brings together healthcare professionals from around the world to present their research and educate their peers. Medical marijuana resource Doobons.com will tweet highlights from the event on Twitter.

Medical Marijuana Resource Locator Doobons.com Helps Bring Deep Green Back for 2012
April 8, 2012

Returning to the Bay Area for its second year, Deep Green is both a celebration and a bridge. Taking place on April 21, smack dab between the 420 marijuana holiday and Earth Day, the event helps to transform the cannabis movement’s traditional day of consumption to a celebration of holistic human and ecological health, inclusive of cannabis and hemp. Medical marijuana resource Doobons.com wholeheartedly supports the effort, and is a…

4 Things Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Must Do Now to Survive
March 24, 2012

Doobons.com says dispensaries need to stand up for themselves and start putting out positive messages to counter the negative comments US Attorneys are feeding the news. The online medical marijuana resource offers four basic things dispensaries should do to build and protect their reputations.

Medical Marijuana Needs to Shape Up and Rebrand in California, Says Doobons
March 17, 2012

If the California medical marijuana industry wants to survive, it needs to overcome the feds' perception of it as an unregulated free-for-all where profiteers sell pot to anyone who wants to get high, says medical marijuana resource site and iPhone app Doobons.

Doobons is No Groupon, Says the Advanced Online Medical Marijuana Directory
February 29, 2012

Doobons—a breakthrough website and iPhone/iPod/iPad app that utilizes advanced geolocation technology to help patients find the local medical marijuana resources they need—is not a cannabis coupon site. Doobons says that its name similarity to Groupon, the popular daily coupon website, sometimes confuses people, and it is trying to set the record straight.

Free Medical Marijuana App from Doobons.com Now in iTunes
February 18, 2012

The convenient new Doobons.com iPhone app provides an even easier way for medical marijuana patients to find the local resources they need.

Medical Marijuana Resource Doobons.com Announces Live Agent Customer Service by Phone
January 28, 2012

In the Information Age, website visitors often find it difficult—if not impossible—to reach a live person when they need help. With operators now standing by to field calls, Doobons.com is the exception.

Medical Marijuana Resource Doobons.com Now Using Halent Icon to Help Patients Find the Right Medicine
January 14, 2012

Halent Laboratories’ cannabinoid and terpene profiles enable medical marijuana dispensary employees to scientifically match patients’ medical needs with the right strain of cannabis. Doobons.com is now identifying dispensaries that use Halent by displaying the “Halent Tested” emblem on their profile.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Service a Safe Bet and Doobons.com Helps Patients Find Mobile Dispensaries Instantly
December 31, 2011

KTVU Channel 2 News recently reported on the growing trend of medicinal cannabis dispensaries hitting the road. While the federal crackdown is increasing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries moving to delivery service in California, Doobons.com is helping patients instantly find ones that serve their area using advanced geotargeting technology.

Doobons.com Deploys Advanced Technology That Instantly Connects Medical Marijuana Patients with Local Dispensaries and Resources
December 24, 2011

Doobons.com announced today the successful implementation of state-of-the-art location detection technology on their online medical marijuana directory so that patients can instantly locate dispensaries and resources around them when they arrive at the Doobons.com website.

Doobons.com: The New Discreet, Safe and Professional Website for Medical Marijuana Patients and Industry Professionals
December 1, 2011

Doobons.com answers the call for those in need of resources and aid while navigating the medical marijuana movement. Doobons launched on 11/11/11 and helps patients learn how to find a dispensary, how to pick the right strain for their particular illness, and how to safely and discreetly medicate. Our services also include tips and tools for medicinal cannabis industry professionals as well.

Introducing the New Face of the Medical Marijuana Industry
November 17, 2011

DOOBONS.COM, the new face of the medical marijuana industry, made its long awaited debut by creating a huge splash at the San Jose HempCon trade show on 11/11/11. "We expected to fly slightly under the radar at the San Jose show," said owner and founder John. This, however, proved to be impossible as soon as the doors opened...