Are Websites that Claim to Ship CBD Oil to Non-medical Marijuana States Legit?

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Dear Doctors, I live in Oklahoma, where there is no access to medical cannabis. My 10 year-old son has epilepsy and I really want to try CBD. I did a Google search and came up with a bunch of sites … Continue reading

At Least One Issue Has Bipartisan Support: Marijuana

Democrat Vs. Republican On White

Political polarization has been a major obstacle to Congress getting anything done for years now. The last two congresses, the 113th Congress (January 3, 2013 to 2015) and the 112th Congress (January 3, 2011 to 2013) were, respectively, the second-least … Continue reading

Doctors Weigh In – Medical Cannabis Dosing: Why Less May Be More


Many medical cannabis patients take an overly aggressive approach to treatment. If one hit off a joint or one square of chocolate helps a little, then a whole joint or a whole chocolate bar will help a lot, right? Not … Continue reading

Do You Know the Difference Between Ketogenic and Alkaline Diets?

Diet Decision

At UPG, we get a lot of questions about diets and how they could benefit people living with serious ailments. Today, we look at two popular disease-fighting diets: the ketogenic diet and the alkaline diet. We have known for a … Continue reading

The Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth

Broth In Bowl

In this age of prepackaged, de-boned cuts of supermarket meat, we have forgotten something our ancestors knew for thousands of years: some of the most beneficial nutrients are found in the least-edible-seeming parts of animals—the bones. Slowly cooking bones creates … Continue reading

Marijuana DWI and Legalization

Driving Under The Influence Of  Marijuana

History is being created as we watch one state after the other legalizing pot for recreational purposes. In this article we’d like to take a closer look at some of the pros and cons and the effect they are likely … Continue reading

Auntie Dolores Edibles: Setting NEW Standards

New Look same Auntie Packaging

With adult-use legislation creating new cannabis consumers in states like Washington, Colorado and Oregon, popular California brands like Auntie Dolores anticipate a similar evolution to begin as their state enters the adult-use chapter of the cannabis marketplace. While concepts like … Continue reading

Are Cannabinoids as Effective as Albuterol for Treating Asthma?

Suffering From Asthma

Are Cannabinoids as Effective as Albuterol for Treating Asthma? Several AEA and THC Bronchodilator Studies Say Yes Ongoing research is proving cannabis-based medications effective for safely treating a wide spectrum of medical conditions. The plant’s effectiveness has even inspired Dr. … Continue reading

Don’t Judge Your Strain by Its Name

Marijuana and Cannabis, White Background

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s not a lot of harm if you do—maybe you buy a boring book. If you judge a wine by its label, you may not enjoy the flavor much, … Continue reading

SURVIVOR: The Sharon Kelly Story – Terminal Stage IV Cancer Goes Kaput After Cannabis

Sharon and Neville Kelly

Neville and Sharon Kelly are more than grateful… In March of 2014, Neville and Sharon Kelly were grappling with shattering news; Sharon was diagnosed with stage IV terminal lung cancer and given 6 to 9 months to live. “I was … Continue reading

Fighting Obesity and Diabetes with Cannabis

Doctor examining  patient obesity on light background

There’s an old stereotype floating around about cannabis: that it will give you the “munchies.” Cheech and Chong themselves have said, “Generally speaking, when it comes to stereotyping, its’ just not fair to lump a whole group together and say … Continue reading

Cannabis Suppositories: Is the Posterior Superior?

Two plastic packs of suppositories isolated on white

Suppositories are often the butt of many jokes and puns, but rectal administration of marijuana has many advantages. In addition to being a viable option for patients who can’t ingest or inhale cannabis, cannabis suppositories also begin to work quickly … Continue reading

A Cannabis Patient’s Guide to Crohn’s Disease by Crohn’s Patient Daniel Towns

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I had been using cannabis to alleviate my symptoms for nearly two years by the time a doctor diagnosed me with Crohn’s Disease. It was the fall of 2010. I was a college sophomore at the time, with homecoming right … Continue reading

Proper Medical Use of Combustible Cannabis Concentrates in Pain Management: Dabs as Palliative Tool by Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s Inc.

Young woman stroking her belly becouse of bellyache

62 year old Mary Hart* was lying in agony as her body battled against colon cancer. Her husband, Allen, hadn’t been away from her side in days, and had run out of ideas. The cannabis oil she is taking to … Continue reading

Why Not Make This Your New Year’s Resolution!

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Every December, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives. Every February, millions of resolutions end up broken and forgotten. What happens in between? A deadly mix of over-ambition, impatience, and procrastination. It’s just human nature to … Continue reading

Is Cannabis the Solution to the Antibiotic-Resistant Staph and Superbug Crisis?

Mrsa Caution Sign

MRSA In the United States, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) kills about 18,000 of the 94,000 people it infects each year—a rate that has doubled in the last five years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MRSA is … Continue reading

Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug or an Exit Drug?

Open door to new life on the field. Hope, success, new life and

As we prepare to end the year, many people are thinking about which healthy changes they want to make in the new year. Many of us are gearing up to spend more time at the gym, eat healthier foods, and … Continue reading

Continue Your Cannabis Education with United Patients Group

Education concept: Online Education on computer keyboard backgro

Medical Marijuana CEUs We are thrilled to announce that United Patients Group is now offering online courses on a number of medical-cannabis-related topics. These courses are also certified for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for those needing CEU hours. United Patients … Continue reading

Fighting PTSD Using Cannabis

Military fatigues and dog tags on an American Flag with a stetho

The holiday season is supposed to be full of glad tidings and good cheer, but for many people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it can trigger anxiety, depression, anger, and panic attacks. Veterans who spent a Christmas at war … Continue reading

Fighting Depression Using Cannabis: Research shows less is more!

Happy And Sad Face.

The holiday season can be stressful for everyone. The pressures of traveling to see family, cooking feasts, and buying the perfect toys can get even peppy people down. But there’s one group of people who struggle especially hard with the … Continue reading

November 14 Is Cash Hyde Day

cash green

The pioneer for cannabis oil treatment for children living with pediatric cancer, Cash “Cashy” Hyde passed away in the arms of his father—our dear friend Mike Hyde—on November 14, 2012, two years ago today. While only four years old, Cashy … Continue reading

What Is Homeostasis and How Can Cannabis Help?

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

We wish to thank everyone who attended our first cannabis patient conference, Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype, which was held in San Rafael, California, on Saturday, November 1, 2014. We were awestruck by the collective knowledge of not … Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Conference Successfully Explores the Science Behind the Hype by Justin Kander

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.10.51 PM

United Patients Group, a leading organization helping patients find medicinal cannabis resources, recently concluded their first conference. Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype was held in an elegant academic hall at Dominican University in San Rafael, California. Almost 200 individuals attended … Continue reading

Florida…I want to come home and my fate is in your hands November 4th by Alexis Jones

Florida map flag on blue sunburst illustration

I want to come home and my fate is in your hands November 4th. In 2011, I had to move out of Florida, so that I could legally access medical marijuana to treat my Late Stage Lyme Disease. It was … Continue reading

Attention Aspiring Medical Cannabis Caregivers: Learn from the Best

Close-up of psychiatrist hands holding those of her patient

Caregivers are some of the heroes of the medical cannabis community. They shoulder the responsibility of taking care of a family member or friend, selflessly delivering and administering medicinal cannabis, diligently working with dispensary employees to adjust the treatment plan, … Continue reading

Attention Dispensary Owners: Broaden Your Reach—Educate Your Staff

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Continue reading

New Medical Cannabis Education Website Launches with CME Courses


The Medical Cannabis Institute ( just launched in September, and it already features a range of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses on educational areas spanning fundamentals and safety to specialty-focused topics. The Medical Cannabis Institute’s charter group of content providers … Continue reading

Treating Pediatric Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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Since starting United Patients Group in 2011, we have met many remarkable people who are working to make medical cannabis treatments better. But one of the most talented and dedicated people working in the field right now is Mara Gordon. … Continue reading

Edibles: A Tale of Phytocannabinoids and Decarboxylation


We use phytocannabinoid infusions in all of our products because the research supports nature’s cannabis over synthetic compounds. Dr. William Courtney, MD has several videos online recommending that patients drink raw cannabis juice for medicinal benefits! While Auntie Dolores does … Continue reading

Tossing and Turning: Sleeplessness in America


There aren’t many people who are happy with their sleep: They get too little, they feel restless, they don’t wake up refreshed, they can’t stay asleep. In fact, most Americans admit to having erratic sleep patterns, especially through the work … Continue reading

Edibles: Ingredients Matter As Much As Dose


Auntie Dolores focuses on dynamic recipes that offer value beyond the milligram. Sure, all Auntie Dolores products are infused with premium medical-grade phytocannabinoids, but we also pride ourselves on using premium or organic ingredients whenever possible. We want patients to … Continue reading

Discover How the Endocannabinoid System Works


The Upcoming UPG conference, “Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype,” will feature a presentation by Dr. Dustin Sulak on Endocannabinoid Physiology and Clinical Applications of Cannabis. Why does one plant—cannabis—heal so many different ailments? Because some chemicals found in … Continue reading

Arm Yourself with Education: Learn about Cannabinoid Medicine Now so You’ll Know It when You Need It

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” His words are as true now as when he said them. As humans, we have a natural aversion to thinking about illness, aging, and death. We fear … Continue reading

Dandelion – From Super Weed to Super Herb

Dandelion with seeds blowing away in the wind across a clear blu

Take a walk in the neighborhood, and you might just pass by an important plant disguised as a troublesome weed. Although it’s been used for generations all over the world for medicinal purposes, most Americans today consider the dandelion to … Continue reading

Attention Nurses: Get CEU Credits to Learn about Medical Cannabis

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The upcoming conference “Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype,” which will feature a presentation on everything nurses need to know about cannabis, is worth 6 CEU’s. Conventional nursing programs do not cover medical cannabis, so many nurses are unaware … Continue reading

Learn How Cannabis Heals: Join Us for a One-Day Seminar on The Science Behind the Hype

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As you know, we here at United Patients Group are all about sorting the truth from the spin and giving you the most accurate, up-to-date information about medical cannabis. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a one-day seminar called “Medical … Continue reading

Psychoactive Cannabis Use Discovered in Pakistan Paleolithic Caves

Palaeolithic caves. Matera. Basilicata.

The earliest known use of a psychoactive substance was discovered in December of 2013. When scientists were excavating a Paleolithic settlement rumored to be 120,000 years old, they came across a tomb that held a shaman or cheiftan who was … Continue reading

Top 5 Terpenes that Amplify the Healing Power of Cannabis

Marijuana Background

Last week on the blog, we noted that there are 480 identified chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, and we told you about one class of compounds that make cannabis an effective medicine: cannabinoids. This week, we wanted to dive … Continue reading

Top 5 Cannabinoids that Heal Your Body and Mind

Cannabis Background

Did you know that there are 480 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant? We don’t know yet how all of them affect the human body, but the more researchers look, the more medicinal benefits they find. In fact, Dr. Abrams, … Continue reading

The Answer to Prescription Drug Overdoses: Legal Medical Cannabis

Cannabis And Medicine

Fact: medical cannabis saves lives. We’ve shared the story of Stan Rutner, whose cancer was cured by cannabis oil. A patient emailed us just this morning to tell us that her lung cancer—which was so advanced that she was given … Continue reading

Before You Take the Ice Bucket Challenge, Read This…

Bucket With Ice

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer lately, you’ve seen the charitable phenomenon that’s taking the Internet by storm: the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s an idea made to go viral: someone names you in the challenge, and you … Continue reading

Is Alternative Medicine Your Business? Let UPG Lead You to the Right Audience

Explore Your Possibilities

Do you have an amazing cannabis-related product or service that you haven’t found the right audience for? In this over-saturated market, it can be hard for you to reach the people who will love what you offer. With so many … Continue reading

Talk to Us: Guidance from One-on-One Consultations with UPG

UPG Girl

If you’re a medical cannabis patient or caregiver, you have no doubt noticed that there are a lot of conflicting messages from the media and groups in the medical cannabis industry. You’re already overwhelmed enough dealing with illness—the last thing … Continue reading

The Herbalizer: Benefits and Costs


With the recent launch of the Herbalizer Vaporizer, we’ve received numerous inquiries about this device, it’s benefits and cost.  With many choices nowadays for the perfect vaporizer, here is a list of several cost-benefit discussion points listed below. These value … Continue reading

Herbalizer Vaporizer Technology Developed by Former NASA Engineer Hits the Cannabis Market Running

gI_68145_Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.14.23 PM

The online resource for medical cannabis information has awarded its coveted Seal of Approval to the Herbalizer, a vaporizer developed by former NASA engineers. As medical cannabis grows in popularity, more and more patients have been turning to vaporizers as … Continue reading

Dose Differences: Eating Isn’t the Same as Inhaling! by Auntie Dolores


When you smoke or vaporize your medical cannabis, you inhale cannabinoids like Delta-9-THC which move through the lung’s alveoli into your bloodstream. The effect of inhaled cannabinoids is felt within seconds; the benefits of inhaled cannabinoids can last for around … Continue reading

Is Cannabis Oil a Viable Treatment for Skin Cancer?

Dermatologist Examines A Mole

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer—3.5 million Americans are diagnosed with it every year. The main cause is UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds, although exposure to chemicals and genetic factors can lead to skin … Continue reading

Let’s Clarify the State Laws on Cannabis: Who’s in, Who’s Out?

Map Of The United States Of America

Cannabis legalization is on a roll! On Monday, New York became the twenty-third state to legalize medical cannabis. On Tuesday, Washington’s first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened their doors. This year, eleven states have approved the use of CBD oil to … Continue reading

How Cannabis Helps with Bipolar Disorder

Sadness And Happiness

When we talk about the benefits of medical cannabis, we tend to focus on physical disorders: cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, etc. But medical cannabis patients also commonly use cannabis to help with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety. And … Continue reading

Fibromyalgia: Big Pharma vs Medical Cannabis

fibro image

The estimated five million Americans coping with fibromyalgia are not use to hearing good news. They live with chronic all-over pain, fatigue, depression, headaches, and sleeplessness, and doctors don’t know why this disease develops or how to cure it. Most … Continue reading

Dear Florida: Good Start, But Your Citizens Deserve Better

­On Monday, Florida legalized Charlotte’s Web, the high-CBD strain made famous by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The strain has been shown to have near-miraculous results for children with severe epilepsy, and its lack of psychoactive effects makes it palatable to even … Continue reading

Cancer Survivor Who Was Saved by Cannabis Demands National Access for All Patients


If you’re a regular reader, you’ve followed the incredible story of Stan Rutner, an eighty-year-old who went from ten days to live to full remission thanks to cannabis oil. Stan is the father-in-law of United Patients Group founder John Malanca … Continue reading

Pot Culture: What Message are We Sending and Does it Matter?

one man sitting in empty cinema or theater auditorium

From Cheech and Chong to Reefer Madness to Weeds, the impressions our cinema portrays of marijuana users range from chaotic, violent, and unintelligent, to goofy, confused and engaging in illicit and extreme behavior. Similar to those of us who avoid … Continue reading

Should the Federal Government and FDA Be Sued for Murder?

justice engraved on courthouse

The federal government is allowing sick people to die when it knows that cannabis could save them. The DEA still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance—meaning it supposedly has “no currently accepted medical use in the United States, … Continue reading

10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar for Great Health and At Home


Apple Cider Vinegar has many all-natural uses, going from a salad dressing to personal care and household cleaning. Lately there has been a lot of fuss around the healing powers of apple cider vinegar and enthusiasts suggest to take a … Continue reading

Nigella Sativa Treats Lung Cancer and More

Nigella With Medicinal Tulsi Leaves

How many nicknames does one plant need? Apparently quite a few if you’re talking about Nigella Sativa. Known as black seed (blackseed), black cumin, fennel flower, Roman coriander, and nutmeg flower, it has also been incorrectly called black sesame or … Continue reading

The Benefits of Cannabis and How it Helps the Sick and Elderly: A Perspective from St. Judes Retreat

A Genuine Medical Marijuana Plant. Marijuana AKA Pot, Dope, Mary

I grew up in the 70’s with my father who was constantly getting high on marijuana and spending all the monies he had on weed. My mother would crochet and make crafts just to put food on the table, handmade … Continue reading

United Patients Group Supports “Patients Out of Time’s Cannabis Therapeutics Conference”


United Patients Group is proud to support the upcoming Patients Out of Time’s Eighth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Portland, Oregon. Eighth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics – Conference Theme: The Endocannabinoid System and Age Related Illnesses, … Continue reading

Why Decriminalization isn’t Good Enough by MMJ Patient Alexis Jones

Handcuffs and flag on US Constitution - Fourth Amendment

To say, “We have won once the Country decriminalizes cannabis,” would be to neglect her greater call. The medicinal benefits should be in the spotlight. When life and adolescent brain development (epilepsy) are on the line, nothing else matters. If … Continue reading

Could the Cure for Cancer Be Sitting in Your Kitchen?

Spoon Of Baking Soda

Right now, you probably own a box of a substance that can leaven dough, clean teeth, de-stink a refrigerator, unclog drains, and extinguish fires: baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate). But it’s much more than a help around the house—this miracle … Continue reading

Apricot Seeds: Cosmetics or Cancer Killer?

Freshly washed apricots on wooden cutting board with knife.  Mac

When most people hear about apricot seeds, it’s in reference to a popular main ingredient in face and body scrubs. But this cosmetic use only scratches the surface (pardon the pun!) of its possible uses. For instance, apricot seeds are … Continue reading

The Entourage Effect: Why Whole Cannabis Is Better

Leaf Of Cannabis

Whether you smoke it, eat it, vaporize it, or ingest it as an oil, the medicinal cannabis you put in your body contains many chemicals that work together to make you feel better. Of course THC and CBD are the … Continue reading

Top 8 foods and herbs for fighting cancer

Large super food selection in white porcelain dishes over distre

With 44% of men and 39% of women now being diagnosed with cancer, it has become more important than ever to understand the foods that will not only nourish your body, but also detoxify it of any cancer causing agents. … Continue reading

Let’s Come Out of the 4/20 Closet by Alexis Jones

Cannabis Subculture Concept.

Every day a patient passes away who could have had a longer life with the aid of cannabis. Every day someone gets arrested for smoking a joint and spends time behind bars. And on that same day, someone in a … Continue reading

THC, THCA, CBD, CBC, CBN: Some of the Chemicals in Cannabis

Beautiful collage or Collection of four strains of marijuana

As the science of medical cannabis develops, we’re discovering more and more that breeding cannabis for different levels of medicinal compounds—known as cannabinoids—makes the medicine better for treating specific ailments. Growers and testers are hard at work tailoring their strains … Continue reading

CannaStrips: Safer and Healthier Alternative to Smoking


CannaStrips are the result of lengthy research and development. CannaStrips are a safer and healthier alternative to smoking and has had an amazing reception throughout the medicinal cannabis community. They use only the finest medical cannabis leading to a smooth … Continue reading

Cannabis Is More Than Skin Deep

Family holding hands together closeup

You may have heard that your skin is your largest organ, and this is true.  But did you know that it weighs about 8 lbs, and covers up to 22 square feet? The skin can connect us with and also … Continue reading

Do Medical Cannabis Laws Protect Me from a Drug Test?

Urine Sample

“If I’m in a state where medical (or recreational) cannabis is legal, does that mean employers can’t discriminate if I show up positive for THC on a drug test?” We get this question all the time from medical cannabis patients. … Continue reading

Juicing Cannabis: The Freshest Medicine?

Healthy Green Detox Juice

The NorCal medical cannabis community is abuzz with the latest trend in ingestion: juicing the cannabis plant. Dr. William Courtney is the leading advocate of this medication method, and he recommends juicing fresh, organic leaves and buds every day. He … Continue reading

Dear Media: This is What People Who Use Marijuana Look Like


Global political and business leaders are talking seriously about ending marijuana prohibition everywhere from D.C. to Davos. Recent polls say a majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana – and not just in the states you’d expect but … Continue reading

Is CBD-Only Legislation a Good Thing for Medical Marijuana? by Amanda Reiman

Medical Marijuana

When California passed the country’s first medical marijuana law in 1996, the response was a resounding, “But of course, it’s California.” Over the next 18 years, the states adopting medical marijuana laws represented the usual suspects of liberalism or libertarianism. … Continue reading

Technology of Vaporization

temp guide

The process of vaporization, or volatilization releases the essential, active elements of a substance without any burning. Vaporization uses a cutting-edge convection technology that releases just enough heat and air to discharge the vital elements; but not enough heat and … Continue reading

Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin Kander

Pediatrics Collection

The use of cannabis extract medicine to treat children for cancer and epilepsy has been growing rapidly since the release of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary on CNN.  In the original documentary, Charlotte Figi’s recovery from Dravet syndrome was extensively detailed.  … Continue reading

Surprising New Cancer Killer: Frankincense

Bigstock- 27531080 - Three Wise Men And Presents

Most people associate frankincense with the story of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. But now the aromatic substance has a new claim to fame: Frankincense can kill cancer cells. Researchers from Leichester University have … Continue reading

Dad’s Update – Stan Rutner: A Cancer Survivor


Hello everyone! Well, I feel that an update on my father’s journey is long overdue.  If you’ve read the previous blogs about my father’s road to remission, you should be up to date on what he ingested to become healthy … Continue reading

Sub-lingual Delivery vs Oral Ingestion of Cannabis

Reflection of man spraying medicine in mouth

For those medical marijuana patients looking for alternatives to smoking or vaporizing their medicine to relieve various ailments, thankfully several safe and highly effective options for delivery exist and are available to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at … Continue reading

Study: Cannabis Effectively Treats Neuropathic Pain


A new study from researchers at the University of Glasgow in the UK shows what many medical cannabis patients have already discovered: Cannabis oil helps with neuropathy. THC/CBD spray was administered to 128 patients, and a placebo was given to … Continue reading

United Patients Group to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “California Has Been a Refuge for Cannabis Patients for Nearly Two Decades”


United Patients Group applauds Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent program, “Weed 2: Cannabis Madness,” and adds that cannabis is an effective treatment for epilepsy and many other diseases and that Colorado is not the only destination for patients seeking safe access … Continue reading

Heal Dental Problems Naturally with Oil Pulling


Here at United Patients Group, we’re always on the lookout for natural alternatives to the often-harmful procedures and treatments advocated in Western medicine. We recently discovered a dental treatment that has been used for thousands of years in India to … Continue reading

6 ways to cope with chemobrain


You might forget an appointment, or where you last saw your car keys. Or you might struggle with remembering the name of an acquaintance you run into at the grocery store. Sometimes after chemotherapy, people experience side effects of cancer … Continue reading

United Patients Group Launches StateWide Collective’s “Dosing by the mg, Not the Gram!” Campaign


StateWide Collective is debuting their new line of CBD-rich medicines on the go-to source for medical cannabis information, United Patients Group. Harnessing the popularity of the patient-focused online medical cannabis resource United Patients Group, StateWide Collective is launching a new … Continue reading

Cannabis Isn’t the Only Plant with Incredible Health Benefits: A Closer Look at Turmeric

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.50.11 PM

You’ve heard us go on and on about the amazing health benefits of cannabis, including killing cancer cells, reducing epileptic seizures, reducing the risk of diabetes, and treating many other ailments and diseases. But cannabis is not alone in being … Continue reading

Cannabis Kicks Lyme’s Disease to the Curb

Lyme Disease, Tick, Bulls-eye Rash

Lyme disease has been controversial for some years. Many medical practitioners misdiagnose it, while several think that it’s mental. With Lyme disease, there are so many symptoms, so many debilitating, agonizing manifestations, that it’s often misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, chronic … Continue reading

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil – How to and the benefits!


Coconut oil has been growing in popularity among various groups of people for a while now. It makes sense that the cannabis community decided to give it a go. Coconut oil has been proven to have profound positive effects on … Continue reading

The Truth About Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Bill SB1182 by Vanessa Waltz

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 6.41.36 PM

Pennsylvania’s “Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act,” SB 1182, is a broad and comprehensive medical cannabis bill that does not place any restrictions on THC content and does not limit medical cannabis access to adults. A number of media outlets have reported incorrect information about … Continue reading

These Countries Mull Over Marijuana Legalization After Uruguay Ruling

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.49.23 PM

The marijuana legalization experiments underway in Washington state, Colorado and Uruguay have prompted or accelerated discussion about changing pot laws in many nations, and activists say momentum is building in advance of a special United Nations convention on drugs scheduled … Continue reading

18 Ways To Consume Cannabis by

Marijuana Infographic V2

Did you know that there are over 18 ways to consume medical cannabis? It is a common misconception that smoking marijuana is the only way to enjoy its effects; in fact, smoking could be considered one of the least efficient … Continue reading

United Patients Group Calls for New Research into Cancer-Killing Effects of Cannabis Extracts

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.43.11 PM

United Patients Group points to growing evidence that cannabis extracts kill cancer cells, and calls on powerful individuals to fund clinical trials of this potential cancer cure and for state and federal regulatory agencies to help facilitate such research. United … Continue reading

By Endorsing High-CBD Cannabis, New Legislation Will Do More Harm than Good


Word is out about the benefits of high-CBD medical cannabis. Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the strain Charlotte’s Web on the CNN documentary Weed, and suddenly legislators who had never supported medical cannabis before are coming around. Well, sort of. In … Continue reading

The Cannabis Tsunami…why there’s NO turning back!


The United States is being swept away in a wave of endless support for legalizing marijuana.  Nearly half of U.S. states now offer some type of legalized marijuana use, with Colorado and Washington going so far as to legalize cannabis … Continue reading

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Affects Babies’ Brain Development (STUDY)

Pregnant Woman holding hands in a heart shape on her baby bump

Using marijuana during pregnancy could affect a baby’s brain development by interfering with how brain cells are wired, a new study in mice and human tissue suggests. Researchers studied marijuana’s effects on mice and brain tissue from human fetuses, and … Continue reading

Male Breast Cancer


We’ve all been “made aware” of the insidious disease, breast cancer. Our mothers, sisters, wives, friends have suffered, and, if lucky, conquered the cell mutation that affected nearly 300,000 women in the U.S. in 2013 alone, according to The American … Continue reading

Cannabis Extract Treatment for Terminal Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by Justin Kander


In November 2013, an article titled “Cannabis Extract Treatment for Terminal Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with a Philadelphia Chromosome Mutation” was published in the journal Case Reports in Oncology.  The study examined a 14-year old female patient who underwent 34 months … Continue reading

Christmas #2 without my Cashy by Kalli Hyde


Cashy- It’s been so long since I’ve written you, that I’m worried I’m at some kind of writers block or something. I feel terrible that I haven’t written, please don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, because that is the opposite. … Continue reading

Why so many mainstream families are quickly becoming refugees


There’s a new wave of refugees in America, and they might be more mainstream than you think. More and more of the nation’s “average” families from suburbia are packing up and moving out West, where access to cannabis could be … Continue reading

United Patients Group Teams Up With Parents of Salt Lake City’s First Marijuana Pediatric Patient


Parents reveal the real-life challenges of finding and administering cannabis oil to help treat their toddler son, Salt Lake City’s first pediatric cannabis patient, at Primary Children’s Hospital. Just 0.3 milliliters of cannabis oil. One tiny drop. That’s all it … Continue reading

FDA-approved medical marijuana clinical trial gets underway next month for kids with epilepsy


A nationally renowned pediatric neurologist at Saint Barnabas has gotten FDA approval to study whether a cannabis-based drug could prevent seizures in children diagnosed with severe forms of epilepsy. The development is sure to be watched closely in New Jersey, … Continue reading

Watch How These Cancer Patients Reacted To Getting Hilariously Awful Makeovers


The French charity the Mimi Foundation told 20 cancer patients they would give them makeovers. All that was required of them was to keep their eyes closed to make the reveal more exciting. The patients expected that when they opened … Continue reading

Take charge in fight for safe access, armed with education


As the fight for access to medical marijuana rages on, we have joined forces with the Cash Hyde Foundation to educate, inform and empower you to make the best decisions for your family and your children. There’s nothing that should … Continue reading