Medical Marijuana and Lyme Disease…Alexis’ story

Warning SignUnited Patients Group is happy to be here for all types of patients.  One of our patients Alexis, has shared her struggle with Late Stage Lyme Disease and how she found relief in Medical Marijuana.  This is her story…

My intense suffering has made me desperate for a solution. On the morning of June 6th, 2008, while working on a research paper, I suddenly felt a horrific slicing sensation as if a blender was tearing my left arm into pieces. I stared at the throbbing limb. It was so painful I expected it to be bleeding; yet, it appeared to be in perfectly fine condition. No attack, no implosion, just my nerves firing out of control, and me helpless to fight back. From that moment, my perception of life changed completely.

After almost two years of searching, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and multiple joint pain. At twenty years of age, a rheumatologist looked me in the eye and insisted, “You need to learn to deal with the pain because it is going to be like this forever. You can focus on maintaining a perfect diet and sleep schedule, and with exercise you might see little improvement. But don’t hold your breath.”

That wasn’t good enough for me. Pain is a signal to a problem, not a diagnosis. I wasn’t going to stop looking that easily. It took seven specialists and eleven trips to the emergency room before anyone could find my diagnosis. I suffer from Late Stage Lyme disease.

lyme-epidemicOn average, most Lyme patients go undiagnosed for five years. It is a cryptic condition. It wasn’t until I had symptoms in almost every system of my body that someone could put a name on what I was suffering from. My doctor explained to me that my disease is under wide debate in the medical community. The Center for Disease Control does not even recognize the chronic form.

Usually, being diagnosed sheds light on the situation. Not for a Lyme patient.  Too little is known about the disease and its symptoms… My road to recovery with this disease is as unique as my dental records. The experience is different for every Lyme patient; the symptoms present head to toe. Yet, most of the victims maintain normal lives, hiding our painful truth behind our pride. A large percentage of us, myself included, look healthy to the naked eye. I know and feel my curse too intimately to ever be fooled.

Pain is an enigma. Our nerves are evolutionarily programmed to warn us of danger, of a problem in need of attention, but Lyme tricks the nerves into panic mode. I endure a litany of false alarms, and must distinguish when to listen. The pain in my left arm spread first to my right, then down my back and into my legs. I cannot sit in a chair or ride in a car for more than a half hour on a good day without experiencing severe discomfort in my legs and hips. I have developed circulation problems, muscle spasms, ocular migraines, nausea, light sensitivity, head pressure, depersonalization and fatigue. Sometimes I make cognitive errors in speech, and I suffer random anemic fainting spells. I won’t pretend these symptoms don’t frighten me, but over time they have simply become part of my new paradigm.

Living in chronic pain is a commitment to do battle. I have to fight for happiness, and forresearch of tick freedom. I have struggled to establish my particular, even alien, lifestyle. I initially devoted myself to this raging war and lost the first battle; several months of intravenous antibiotics left my digestive track in ruins. The day after Christmas 2010, I was rushed to the hospital to be diagnosed with hemorrhagic colitis. I was taken off antibiotics. Since then I’ve endured a colonoscopy and two endoscopies to diagnose me with gastritis, polyps, esophagitis, and a hiatal hernia. In June of 2011, I was diagnosed with numerous allergies including wheat, dairy, eggs, and tuna. This explains how I lost 25% of my body weight in the last year. I am 5’2” and I weigh 90 pounds if I consume on average 2,000 calories a day. My incessant nausea usually permits only that much.

My dreams and desires have been necessarily altered and adjusted to work around my limitations. My pain controls my freedom. I have been prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone, lorazepam, and cyclobenzaprine. These narcotics changed my mood and personality, and did not relieve the relentless nerve pain.

My only relief stems from cannabis, but I am desperate for a more permanent solution to the problem. In the hospital, I have needed to have morphine or lorazepam through an IV to accomplish what smoking two grams of cannabis does on the comfort of my couch, in a fraction of the time.  I understand the importance of peace in my bones.

Medical cannabis gives me tranquility. The escape from pain that it provides keeps me sane. It allows me to combat the nausea and keep my weight above dangerous levels. With its help I can sleep, use my arms, and even stop my muscle spasms and migraines. I am aware that my freedom is only through an independent agent. I prefer this life to an out-of-control mind-numbing narcotic addiction.

Although I cannot maintain a “normal” life, I am spending my free time writing my story to share with the world. I want to show that while it can be a daunting quest to heal the human body, there is hope to be found. 

Even in something as unexpected as a flower.

Thank you United Patients Group for supporting the cause and increasing awareness!

Alexis ~

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  1. What an inspirational story. This article should be shown to all the medical professionals who disagree with the medicinal implications of Cannabis. Fight on Alexis!

    • Alexi try baking brownies w cannabus in them & I take a piece everynight before bed vits been 6 days, crossing fingers) I think it’s healing my insides, lorraine

  2. Alexis – I feel so sorry for you. I have dealt with Lyme for about 20 yrs now but
    Only had a diagnosis 4 years ago. I found a neurologist open to Lyme disease and
    Have numb feet from most likely nerve deterioration from Lyme. I get IV
    Immune globulin every 2 weeks and this has changed my quality of life with
    Muscle and nerve pain in my legs and feet !! The medical diagnosis for this treatment
    Is called CDIP. This would help your nerve damage and pains! Insurance will cover although my I do have a moderate co-pay. I have been able to work more as a Nurse in this last 1 1/2 yr. Hope you get better !!! Hang in there and keep fighting!

    • It is always so inspiring to hear a success story and I am so happy that you are able to work again! Thank you for speaking out and sharing your story with me

    • I noticed you said you had “Immune globulin every 2 weeks and this has changed my quality of life…”

      I was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which based on all of my autoimmune diseases, memory problems, muscle spasms and you name it……. I am sure i have had it for many years. I have multiple problems that have escelleted considerably over the last year. Can you tell me what Immune globulin is and how it was administered. Thank you for your response.

  3. Is there a different way to take cannabis rather than smoking it? Can I eat it or does it come in pill form?

    Alexis, I’m so glad you have found something to give you relief…and something natural! Hopefully there will be research done that provides us with more options. Options that include a cure would be nice.

    Hang in there…you’re not alone.

    • Daria, thank you so much for your kind words.

      You can eat cannabis and it does come in pill form. Please see the first blog ever posted on to read the story of Corinne’s father. Cannabis pills gave him back his quality of life. You might find it interesting to know it even comes in lotions and bath salts.

      I believe that we will see a cure and until then, I focus on being thankful that I have access to something that lets me live my life.

      • It takes awhile to build up in your system. Eat some before bed every night for two weeks. :)

        I get so much relief from Lyme by eating Cannabis (much more than smoking it). I was nearly disabled in 2011 and would be now without it. Most of the time I appear physically healthy.

        It is only comparable to antibiotics and fever therapy for me in that it manages all symptoms at once. CBD, CBG and cannabinoids in general are antimicrobial. I am beginning to think it is treating underlying problems not just symptoms.

        THC helps mitigate damage to the gut in AIDS patients boosting their immune systems.

        I would recommend eating a 2:1 or 1:1 ration of THC:CBD. Get as many of the essential oils as possible.

        Sleep well, modulate the immune system, help the gut, reduce inflammation, no more spasms, reduced pain, increased focus, improved balance coordination and more social energy. Never would have guessed…but works for me going on 2 years now. :) Not a cure yet, but I have some living to do again.

          • The whole plant is medicine. From the ground up can be eaten. Flowers are really good. Essential oil extracts from the flowers are necessary for me just because they are most potent. I have to take a lot.

            I have 5 coinfections so my symptoms get pretty crazy. I find that some strains are better, but the best medicine for me is a blend. I like as many different strains as possible with as many different medicines in them as possible. I also find that applying less heat in processing is better for the antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties while baking with it is better for spasms and sleep. I do both…

            Greg’s Cold Oil Recipe – I soak lots of resinous flowers in concentrated ethanol for months at room temp, then strain and evaporate off. Suck up the sludge with an oral syringe and eat it every day -yuck. It works a lot better than Rick Simpson Oil for me. If you can tolerate alcohol you can just strain it, get a dropper and use it orally as a liquid, like how doctors in the U.S.A. used to prescribe it. I find this way is easier to dose when learning how to use it.

            Eat more CBD. THC:CBD of 3:1 can be hard to find. I have had good results eating a low THC high CBD “wax extract” available in Oregon that tastes like orange gummie bears to boost my CBD.

            Everyone is different. Try each method for a couple of months before you make up your mind. Good Luck.

            I hope this helps you too.

          • Thank you for sharing! Many Lyme sufferers will be thrilled with this information.


    • cannabis oil is the most effective form, taken orally.
      search “rick simpson oil method” more commonly used for to treat cancer.

    • There are 4 ways of using cannabis.
      Mixed in food..pills ,cannabis oil…or vaporize it.
      Depending on wich disease one of the 4 ways is a solution whereby its needed to know if thc or cbd oil
      is a better treatment…but nowadays the most medical strains can be used for painrelief.

    • You can use a vaporizer — the Volcano is good but expensive about $600. There are much cheaper ones. There is no smoke — just vaporization of volatile oils.

  4. Read your story. It reminded me so much of my own I could feel my heart wrench. Chronic Lyme is a f’d up, dark, and lonely path. The most irritating points being

    1) Doctors who tell you nothing is wrong despite testing positive for Barontella, Babesia, borrelia, coxiella burnetti, and other infections. Despite a toxic metal load. Despite vitamin deficiency test results. They tell me, “You don’t have lyme, it’s fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder”

    We have to realize they are lying. Lying. Lying. Lying to protect themselves, lying to make money from big pharma, lying to hide a pandemic… Or maybe just lying because they are complete, and utter pieces of human refuse. They have their place in hell.

    Now, I’ve had lymes four times. I’ve been bitten, had rashes, symptoms, and treated on four separate occasions. Ages 8, 15, 17, 21. The month of doxycycline each time never killed any of it.

    By 23 I had gotten progressively worse. Lower back pain that was excruciating… Stiffness. I used to play soccer for a university, now I am partially disabled and struggle to put a pair of jeans on, or bend over to pick up the remote.

    Then the anxiety and mood disorders started to hit, along with vertigo, depersonalization.. Nausea, tremors in my hands and neck, making me look like I had suddenly developed tourrettes or some shit.

    So here I am, age 24. I have toxic levels of lead, antimony, sulfur… I have the pathogens Babesia, Bartonalla, Coxiella Burnetti, Borrellia, and some unidentified protozoa… My life is rapidly spiraling downhill and I can’t count how much money I’ve dropped on supplements, doctors, and RX’s.

    Out of all of this though, there is sort of romanticism and apathy, a lot of things about our laws, and society have been made clear.. Especially the way Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies treat our sick and dying.

    Cannabis helps many people medically, yet it is illegal, understudied, and controlled thanks to the greedy few.

    You can’t patent a weed that is easily grown… therefore we can’t sell it to sick people to make money. Pharma makes it illegal to rack up the cash in drug sales.

    Cannabis helps in the following ways:
    -Reduces tremors so I can function
    -Reduced nausea so I can keep my weight over 160 (I am 6’0)
    -Reduces my back pain
    -Allows me to cope with depersonalization
    -Allowed me to stop Tramadol
    -Allowed me to stop Gabapentin
    -Neuro-protective, my sister has lyme and developed lesions on her brain.. My brain scans look great. (Its highly antibacterial and effective against MRSA)

    Medical bill just passed in my state a few months back. We’re making progress. Live your life comfortably. Live and let live.

    For those prohibitionists reading this i’d like to give you a big F-YOU

    • I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Thank you for sharing your story; I am so appreciative that you took the time to read mine. It is very fortunate that your state passed their bill, I moved to California from Florida to medicate legally.

      I also have been prescribed tramadol and gabapentin. Nothing has ever held a pinkie finger to cannabis. I believe that Lyme disease is very tied into our emotions and I focus on being normal in the ways that I can. This chronic pain has shown us a side of life that no one desires to see. If that wasn’t enough, the depersonalization makes it all the harder to connect to people outside the Lyme community. Whether the disease or the chronic pain lifestyle causes the symptom, I can’t tell the difference.

      The relentless physical complications limit our options and change the way we plan our lives. Do we head toward a limited future or one where we have beaten the disease?

      At first, these concerns consumed me. I felt like my life was on pause until I could get back to living this life I remember living. Then I realized that I am a new person now and I will forever be changed by this experience, regardless of when I “get better.”

      I have learned the importance of taking care of my body, putting my health at the top of my priority list. Every day, I wake up after sleeping at least eleven hours. I take my detox supplements, eat a healthy diet avoiding my allergies, play with my bunny, and hope that my immune system is going to take back control.

      As for whether or not pharma, the CDC, or anybody else wants to take us seriously, the number afflicted is growing and eventually the world will no longer be able to ignore the truth. Sharing our stories is helping make that growth all the more apparent and undeniable.

      Fight on, Tommy. You are far from alone.

    • I avoid the doxycycline because it never worked and the side effects I can’t handle. Some people have chastised me for not using them but I have no regrets.

  5. My teen daughter and I both suffer from late stage Lyme. Having had every imaginable symptom between the two of us, our hearts go out to you. We know it’s an arduous journey, but your story is inspiring and can educate others.
    We wish you ongoing courage and steadfast hope.

    • Arlene, every time I imagine someone under the age of eighteen enduring this lifestyle of pain, it makes me cry. I hope that you two are able to find relief at certain moments, I truly empathize. You must be such a team.

      Please know that my thoughts are with you and your daughter. I wish you nothing but the best.

  6. Wow! What an incredible story and a great reminder to never take anything for granted. I wish you the best in your battle for normalcy.

  7. I have suffered from Chronic Lyme disease from the age of 8 years old. My doctor, however, was not able to realize the source of my problems until I turned 10, and by then, I was very very sick. The lyme had spread to my brain, and I had severe OCD on top of severe fatigue, so I could barely leave my room or about the period of one year. I had been a dancer before, and was one of the top girls in the company at age ten, but my dreams of being a professional dancer were shattered. I had an amazing mother, who through that period, worked her butt off with naturopathic remedies to put my lyme into remission. At age 12, I was feeling better energy wise to try one class a week. ( I had previously been taking about 14 classes a week). While my stamina was still flaky, the main problem was my brain. Where I had once been one of the fastest thinking girls, and was very easily able to learn the newest choreography, it was like my brain had shut off. Both my teachers and friends were frustrated with me, but most of all I was frustrated with myself. Worst of all, by that time, I had developed a severe case of social awkwardness because of my anxiety, and my old friends (of which I had many) had no interest in talking to me seeing as I had “ignored them” for a whole year. Being homeschooled all my life in order to pursue a professional career meant that I really had no other outlets in life, and I was left severely depressed, and feeling as If I had lost years of my childhood, just at the young age of 12. Thanks to god, I was able to make friends with a couple of the younger girls in my town at that time, who were a little bit strange and not usually who I would have picked to be my friends, but at that vulnerable stage they were just what I needed. Instead of going to middle school, I was homeschooled because I was too sick to go still, and we stayed friends and played around my town for a few wonderful years, and I felt a child again, even though I still suffered bouts of illness from time to time. When 9th grade approached, I was adement that I needed to go to high school. I wanted to experience everything I could about life, seeing as I couldn’t be a dancer like I wanted to. When I went to school for the first time, I looked like a baby. The lyme had set back my growth and I looked way too young to be in high school. I was picked on a little, but seeing as I went to a small boarding school everything was alright until I met my current best friend “Jackie”. Jackie was crying when I met her, as other girls had confronted her and called her a slut. I felt terrible, and comforted her for an hour. After, we became fast friends. She was very sexually promiscous, and introduced me into a world that I was completely ignorant of. My GPA of a 3.9 (even with a learning disibility) dropped to a 2.6. I felt terrible about myself, and people, mostly boys, began to bully me also. I was also struggling with my mom at that time, because while she had been there for me when I was ill, she had emotionally abused me when I was younger, and I believe to this day she has some form of Bipolar disorder, perhaps from her own lyme diagnosis. As I grew out of my baby face, and into a body that began to attract a lot of boys, I started hooking up with boys outside of school. Then an older friend introduced me to vodka. I didn’t like drinking at first however. I had a male friend at school who smoked a lot of pot, and I really liked it. I liked the sensations better than drinking, and even the people who did it better. Over the summer after my freshman year, I turned into quite the stoner. It was honestly about the best months I have ever had in my life. I connected with an older childhood friend, and we became really close, and would go out every night. Over this period, I started drinking more and more, and since I was on a gluten free diet to treat my lyme, it was making me pretty sick. As the fall approached, I began to have a lot of anxiety about my sophmore year. The cold NH winters have a habit of making me seasonally depressed, and that makes my lyme worse. I smoked pot every day to medicate, even as school started, and introduced Jackie to it also. Because she was a boarder, and I a day student, we would smoke on campus together in the woods. Dumb idea I know. We got caught our second month into school, and were placed on a random drug testing plan. I kind of felt it coming. Afterwards, with no way to medicate, and no friends besides her, I fell into severe severe depression. The school made me see a counselor, which helped alot, but I still felt like crap. I began to drink alot, even by myself in desperation, and I lost my virginity almost out of anger? If that makes sense…. To a 19 year old. We were both drunk, and I cried because it was so painful. After that, I had sex with him for a while, and one time, without telling me, he didn’t use a condom. My lack of sexual experience couldn’t realize what was going on, and after, I panicked. My mom had an abortion, and I didn’t want the same thing. I made my older cousin take me to planned parenthood to take Plan B.
    A word of advice to anyone with lyme: NEVER take this. It screwed me up really badly, and my lyme came back. I missed weeks of school, and felt awful. When I finally felt okay enough to go back, it caused huge bouts of depression. I drank more and more, which of course didn’t help my precarious health, and I was suicidal. I almost killed myself 5 times, and I have a collection of suicide notes I kept to remind myself to keep fighting. The thing that kept me alive, was not wanting to have my parents to go to my funeral. Its spring now, and I am feeling better. I put myself on an INSANE diet that caused me a lot of stress for a while, but Its getting better and I am feeling better. No gluten No dairy No sugar and no fruit for my candida infection. Most importantly, no alcohol. I have two jobs lined up for this summer, dream jobs of mine, and I feel hope. I am scared for my future, as I don’t know what will come. The prep school I was going to didn’t give me enough money to go back, so It is either public school, or I am trying to convince my parents to move out to California with the rest of my family, as my Lyme does better in a warm climate. I am looking forward to being able to self medicate with marijuana again, but in moderation so as not to suppress my immune system. This illness had made me able to identify with so many others who suffer, as out of my 16 years, about half have been severly emotional and physically painful. Good luck to everyone else who has suffered like I have, I truly wish you the best and a speedy recovery. Search up the Anti Candida diet if you have digestive issues, its saving my life. XO peace love and cannabis- Annie

    • Annie-

      I am sorry to hear of your pain. Our lives take paths we cannot fathom and that’s why they say, “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

      When my left arm first gave out when I was eighteen, I had a girlfriend paint that phrase on my sling so I could remind myself that whatever was happening to me, I was going to beat it and be stronger because of my experience.

      While we may never “beat” Lyme, we can force it dormant by nurturing our immune systems. And I see that you are now on the path toward getting your immune system back on top.

      I want to clarify for you that marijuana does not suppress the immune system. In fact, has numerous articles in their blog section that show the latest medical studies proving MMJ’s medical benefits, such as how it can even lower cancer cell numbers.

      What has happened to you is not fair but you are not alone. Learn from what has happened to you, adapt, and grow into the person you wish to become. Do not for a second believe that your perseverance won’t win in the end because you control your destiny. Faith in yourself and your ability to find happiness is all that matters.

      Anytime you need to reach out, I am here.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. Your pain will not go wasted. I am sure you have felt that your pain was without purpose on many occasion but I want to send you many blessings and thank yous for sharing your story.

      If there is anything that my own Lyme pain has taught me is not to judge other people. I am grateful for your story because it helps me to better understand my son who is also struggling with Lyme. The doctors think, congenital Lyme because I did not know I had it prior to having my three kids. So far he is the one to be in pain but judging from the emotional behavioral issues my other two have, they too may be suffering from Lyme. It is difficult to know that the suffering that each of them are going through is because Lyme is something that flies beneath the radar and no one tests for it until you are practically dying from it. So, I had know way of knowing I had it or that I could pass it on to my children.

      We are in the process of healing now and it is stories like yours and the others that I am reading that are sharing the hope that Cannabis has to offer. Fortunately we are in a state where it is legal. I’m grateful I voted yes on the bill prior to evening knowing I had the disease. But it is because of you and others telling their stories about how cannabis has helped them and improved their quality of life that I voted yes to something I didn’t then realize I too would be seeking help from.

      Thank you for your story. I will pray God bless you in many ways and bring you the fullness of healing you deserve. You are so worth being beautiful, and even if your feet can’t dance, never stop dancing in your heart.

    • Anna,
      Much of what you went through is familiar to me. I suffered abuse as a child. The lyme added to my dissociative problems. At 17 I read the NT for the 1st time and it gave me hope and strength.
      No one knew what lyme was when I got it. They said I had Jr arthritis… It’s been quite a discipline and I developed a depth of character I’d not have otherwise. My best wishes to you and for your life.

  8. As I, myself, suffer from a chronic disease (but one that is readily identified and treated), I am empathetic to your horrifying history, Annie, but I think anyone who heard your story would be. You are amazing to have made it through to where you are today. I can only hope that you, like the others who have told their stories here, as well as those who are reading, will continue with your successes and will someday be recognized as suffering from a real disease that must not only be treated and appropriately medicated (i.e. not by addictive, destructive narcotics but instead by natural, palliative herbs), but must also be researched and cured! Best, always! – Joryn

  9. Denise-

    I have not tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it’s expensive and very difficult to get insurance coverage for!

    However, I have known Lyme patients that did and it helped some of them immensely. As always with us, it is a case by case scenario and the most important deciding factor is whether or not the damage falls under the symptoms the chamber therapy treats.

    I hadn’t heard of the Doug Coil but thanks for sharing :) Keep us posted on your findings! Always in support of doctor’s who aren’t afraid of bullies!

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  11. For all those out there with “Chronic Lyme” there is NO SUCH THING! It is evidence of a “PERSISTENT INFECTION”! I have lyme and have had it around 1 year now and i just started treatment. When i first got lyme i had NO IDEA what was going on all i knew was i was having severe anxiety/panic attacks and chronic debilitating fatigue along with a host of other symptoms like alcohol intolerance, burning eyes, muscle twitching, confusion, brain fog, the list goes on and on but i never saw or knew of any bite or rash. A few days into the onslaught i developed a clear infection in my mouth and took some left over erythromycin i had and BAM all hell broke loose….electrical shocking sensations all over, anxiety and panic like you couldn’t believe, heart palpitations, chest pains, i was like WTH! Not knowing half the info i know now i stopped the antibiotics after my mouth infection went away about a week later because i was scared of what was happening when i took them although i KNEW FOR A FACT i wasn’t allergic to erythromycin as i had taken it several times before in my life. I knew i had to get to the bottom of what was going on because the fatigue came back after i stopped the erythromycin. What happened to me while taking erythromycin was that i had the classic “HERX” “REACTION” inflammation and crazy symptoms from the toxins released once the lyme bacteria dies off. I then researched and researched and researched and about 6/7 months into the beginning of lyme i started to come to the conclusion that’s what i had plus i started developing tell-tall signs i had lyme from what i read as i developed “KNEE arthritis and other major joint arthritis and i read that doxycycline was the drug of choice for lyme. I then ordered a few bottles of doxy and started popping them like candy thinking i would be cured but NOTHING. I let a few more months go buy while still doing research and found out most antibiotics did NOTHING for both “CELL WALL DEFICIENT” (Lyme bacteria that no longer has a cell wall) and Cysts of lyme. Once i read that i realized i wasn’t taking the right antibiotics and bought “FLAGYL” a GREAT “Cyst buster” that also attacks cell wall deficient lyme. I am only 8/9 days into taking 400mg twice daily of flagyl with 500mg twice daily of clarithromycin and i have immediately recognized that i am responding to this treatment. If you still feel sick then you STILL HAVE LYME! I am herxing as i type this but i know i am getting better and im telling you do whatever you have to do to get ahold of Flagyl and at least on other antibiotic like clarithromycin! If you can’t get to a LLMD a lyme literate doctor or can’t afford it and your family doctor doesn’t believe you buy the meds YOURSELF! I bought mine online without a prescription! And yes i know it may sound quite unconventional but i had used the site before so i knew they were reputable and quite frankly desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have any questions or need info on the website or meds i take, etc please don’t hesitate to write me at my email and i will reply. I promised God if I ever got better i would help people get through this horrific disease and although im not out the gate yet i still want to help as much as possible even in this small of a venue. Don’t give up! God Bless!

    • Maureen-

      I have not tried neurontin, but mmj is all I use for my muscle and nerve pain at this stage. I cannot recommend anything more highly than I do cannabis. No other pain management protocol has been so successful with so little side effects. Good luck to you~

    • I have complex regionalized pain symdrome (a degenerative neurological nerve condition) which causes nerve pain and all associated nerve fun-tinglys, numbness, burning, spasms, etc- and muscle and bone loss. I take both Lyrica and Topamax, both anticonvulsants, and in the same family as Neurontin. I also smoke weed, because those two drugs do very little for pain relief and only control my other symptoms- which are more immune system related- swelling, redness, heat at site and insomnia, etc. The weed is the only thing that helps with the pain, and gives me a little more control my body.

      • Lella-

        I am so sorry to hear of your pain. I am glad that weed helps give you back some control. I know that so many people cannot understand that but it such a true statement. I hope that you are able to use that control to do whatever makes you happiest in life.

  12. Alexis,
    I’m truly inspired by your touching story, I’m very sorry to hear what you have been through.
    But you aren’t alone..I have Lyme too, its so horrible I’ve been under heavy oral and iv anti-biotics for about 2 years now although it has helped a little, I am still in pain. Im only 14 and a few months ago I was introduced to Cannabis (weed) in high school. I did it to experiment but then all the sudden my symptoms went away. I live in Ny so unfourtunetly I have to obtain it illegally.
    It is so stupid to be illegal. It should be illegal for it to be illegal ! My friends and peers use it too have fun, but I use it to help my lyme. Unfourntunetly I was caught by the cops and was arrested for possesion of the narcotic, and I’m frekin 14 ! The whole thing was crazy but as a result i’m on probation and have to get random drug tests, therefore I cant use my ilegal meds which is the only thing that made me feel normal and healthy. I just wanted to share my story to you and the world, also to let you know you’re not alone.
    Hang in there Alexis

    • Jacob-

      It breaks my heart to picture someone so young having to be treated like a criminal. I hope that your parents understand what you are going through. Consider ordering some of the hemp products available that are legal to see if they can give you any relief while you are on probation. I believe that one day people will look back at charges such as these as crimes against humanity. Do not let this experience consume the rest of your life. You will get better and you have to tell yourself that every day. Positive thought is the most powerful tool against anything, including Lyme. No one can take that away from you except you.

      My best wishes~

    • Jennifer-

      Yes, I consume over a gram each day to manage my symptoms. I like to think that it is also helping my body recover :)

  13. Your story is so like mine. i too could only find relief with medical cannabis and while the act of smoking anything is unhealthy, i feel for us lymies it can make all the difference in the world. continue to fight your lyme battle and one day you will be pain free. it may seem like a long time but you’ve never appreciated being healthy until you’ve suffered from such a debilitating disease. All the best.

  14. Alexis,

    Would you be willing to explore possibilities with cannabis beyond smoking for the Lyme disease that is interfering with you living your best life? If you are, I am willing to help.

  15. Lyme disease can affect multiple body systems and produce a range of symptoms. Not all patients with Lyme disease will have all symptoms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease, but can occur with other diseases as well. The incubation period from infection to the onset of symptoms is usually one to two weeks, but can be much shorter (days), or much longer (months to years).,..*”

  16. Please contact me if you want to know the route I have taken to keep my lyme and co-infections at bay. I suffered for 41/2 yrs til I found a Dr. to listen to me. After 15mths on antibiotics I use a rife or aka:
    coil machine. It really helps and been off rx for 2years. Karen

    • could you please tell me how you have kept your lyme disease, and co-infections at bay, how you are treating
      it. thank you for your help.

  17. On July 2011, I was admitted to the hospital for an explosive headache later to have been daignosed with a confirmed case Lymes disease which lead to Belspalsy, 2 years later I have head aches, and excuriating lower back and leg pain, I am from Canada and have never even thought to explore the option of medical cannibis, Today the doctor perscribed “tramadol” for my pain, I am not very good at taking any type of medication, when I did some research and found out that this is a very addictive medication my husband asked if I would be willing to explore medical cannibis. HELP?

  18. Hi Alexis,

    You really need to eat Cannabis. Something exciting awaits if smoking it already helps you.

    I am pretty sure I have had Lyme since April 1998. I just figured it all out in the last week. For the last two years I have been managing severe symptoms quite well with Cannabis, Hot Tub, myofascial release, Osteopathic Manipulative therapy and a lot of other tools. I am remarkably asymptomatic and functional with Cannabis being the underlying stabilizer. I feel like I am tiptoeing on a cliff in the sunshine with a smile. It keeps me safe and smiling. I used to fall off that cliff and spend 2 months or more working out the damage. I had symptoms like Parkinsons and MS pretty bad in 2011 when I first discovered Cannabis’s therapeutic value beyond helping nausea.

    I eat a very potent Cannabis cookie every night before bed. The cookie could put a room full of college kids to sleep for 12 hrs. I keep them in labeled jars in the freezer so I don’t kill pets or send unsuspecting humans to the ER. I have built up to this dose. For me it is like 10mg of vicodin that lasts the whole next day. Plus it has the best muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories built in. Once you have eaten a smaller dose for a week or so you will be able to build up with out the side affects…due to the CBD building up in your system. After 2-3 weeks you will love the anti-inflammatory properties and feel some of the anxiety and ptsd let go.

    There are also ways your body processes it when you eat it that are different. For instance some of the cannabinoids like THC will be in an acid form that is very therapeutic, non-psychoactive, recycles through your system and you don’t build a tolerance to it. For me, smoking it would be a waste of good meds. I will vaporize concentrates for a boost when I already have solid baseline on board. Smoking helps some on top of my baseline.

    Concentrated tinctures made from the whole plant without heat are really effective. I use alcohol for my strongest one. Olive oil and glycerin work too. The alcohol tincture made from the whole plant is how I discovered it worked. I was so desperate and doped to the point of vomiting on narcotics one day I took more Cannabis than I thought anyone should. I hoped it would help nausea. Turns out it helped almost everything. My back and joints started to loosen for the rest of the day. At that point in my life I was in so much unmanaged pain, and seizureing at night. Every hour of every day had just been getting worse for months. My sleep was useless the from the seizures that would leave me stiff as a board in the mornings so to loosen up was exciting. It continued for months. It helps me move through stiffness after die-offs, balances my immune system some, helps my balance, coordination, working memory, attitude, social drive, and ability to learn. Those were the improvements that puzzled me the most….in hindsight probably from helping nerve inflammation and dopamine. I suspected there could be some “I don’t care” pain relief but instead…Bye bye to spasms, pain, the fascial pulling that crushes me, dislocating joints, ribs, vertebrae and anything else in their pull line. It helps the anxiety and PTSD a ton too. Sometimes the pain gets away a little so I supplement with narcotics so I can keep my baseline Cannabis the same. If that boost doesn’t work I eat more Cannabis and may skip the next days dose of Cannabis if I don’t need it. It has such a long half life you don’t have to worry about taking it all the time and it doesn’t wear off fast. I can skip or double a dose as needed. Perfect for chronic pain. Calm the flames and keep them that way.

    I still have very active infections and have no idea the extent of damage but symptomatically Cannabis has stabilized me back to reasonable health while the doc and I figured it out. I’ve gained back 10 of the 50 lbs I lost.

    Eat it steadily over time gradually increasing dose until comfortable. It has built in balancing, complimenting, side-effect mitigating properties so use the whole plant. The Cannabinoids, Flavinoids, Terpenes and other herbal properties all have value and make it work properly. That is why it works for so many conditions and varied symptoms but not when pharmaceutical companies try to isolate and synthesize parts.

    Oh yeah. Cannabis is awesome topically. Use a crock pot about 160 degrees. Add flowers, and other plants parts, or concentrates to olive oil, coconut oil or other carrier. Rub it in where it hurts. You will love it! Also my alcohol tincture can numb an excruciating spot if applied topically over several days.

    The THC as a 24 hr half life. The CBD has a 30 hr half life and it outcompetes the THC at receptor sites. The CBD will build up in you system with regular use and block side affects of the THC so you can get up to a therapeutic dose….which is way higher than you can easily smoke.

    I also use a hot tub or shower every 12 hrs to induce a fever for some kill. I have been doing this for years to keep myself healthy not knowing why it helped so much. Seems like if I get my head hot enough I can think better for a couple days. Still a little confused and disoriented but here I am rambling to you instead of sitting in a dark quiet place. :)

    Give it time to work. There are days I actually think I am better and they don’t turn into the worst days like they used to. It has given me hope for quality of life both now and after the coming treatments.

    Wish you all well. I know my advice will alleviate some suffering. Good luck. Power to the patients on this one.

    • Wow Greg, so much great detailed information, thank you! I know this is an older thread so you may not be around or get this but in case you do I wanted to ask about the topical application you talk about. How long do you leave the plant parts and oil warming/infusing in the crock pot and how long does the infused oil keep afterwards? Is there a particular type of Cannabis that is better than another for topical use? Again thank you for such detailed information about what has worked for you. Thank you so much too Alexis for the blog entry and sharing your story so beautifully and completely.

  19. THC isolated by itself at really high doses is an immune suppressor…with CBD and other cannabinoids/substances in the plant it works for me and they give it to AIDS patients so I don’t think it is too bad. It has improved my health and quality of life enough that it seems to outweigh that potential if it exists.

    Smoking will suppress your immune system and cause inflammation/ fungal infections in the lungs if the herb has mold. You need to eat the whole plant with all of its anti-oxidants, omega’s etc. Plus it has anti bacterial, and antifungal properties, including killing staph. Maybe for some that would be bad in their gut. For me it helps.

  20. Alexis et al, the chronic lyme path is a lonely road. I have had lyme for over 25 years and have been misdiagnosed with FMS, CF, and mental depression. It is by the grace of God that I found a support group in my area which led me to a lyme literate naturopath. I have been in treatment for over two years and see small movements towards health. I fear that as many of you have mentioned, chronic lyme has already damaged many systems in my body. I refuse to give in, so when my husband came across an article on Natural News about cannabis and lyme, I felt that resurgence of hope, albeit a small glimmer at this point. Thank you for sharing your story and for allowing us a glimpse into your situation. I, for one, can relate all too well.
    Have have you ventured into the Rife technology and/or Doug Coil machines for treating lyme?( I am currently under treatment using the Doug Coil. It’s been 3 months and I have had a few days of clarity and hope.)
    Peace and love to you.

  21. I am going through the exact same thing I didn’t go into the hospital for Lymes yet but I am going through treatment and the only thing that has really helped with the symptoms and helps make it bearable is to use marijuana. I think that it has helped me tremendously in dealing with Lymes and I wish people were more open minded about it and it would be awesome to be able to talk to Alexis because it’s hard to find someone who is going through Lymes and that is open with Marijuana. Lymes is hard to go through especially when a lot of people are not educated on it.

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  23. Thank you so much Alexis for your story. I am crying right now because I identify so much. Especially with what the Doctors have told you. “You need to learn to deal with it and this is your “new normal” and them not understanding the wide array of over 100 symptoms that I have. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 23 and I still do not have a diagnosis of Lyme but have 2 other co infections. I’ve spent over $30, 000 over the last 6 yrs trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Blood tests, supplements, medications, changing of diet and appliances to cook them in! Dehydrators, vitamixes etc.
    I am 29 now. I had to slowly give up everything. Started with college, then socializing, exercising, then my job, my apartment, etc. I have been living with my mom for the last 3 yrs because I could no longer take care of myself. Cook or clean and even bath myself at times. It is so difficult as really no one can understand. Especially as I don’t have an actual diagnosis and Drs don’t have a clue. I live in Mass and the law passed last year. I obtained my license but due to funds have been unable to purchase MMJ. Are there any programs that could help you pay for this?
    The doctors have decided that pain medication is no longer efficient for me any longer and I have a few days left of it. I’m scared to death as every time I have tried to come off of it is have been sheer hell. Pain, fatigue, emotional distress. The last 5 months I have barely left the house or my bed. I’m unable to do much of anything. If I am able to shower and dress that is all the energy I have. And most times I cannot wear normal clothes as the material irritates my skin and is too constrictive.
    I would love to be able to get in touch with Alexis, I saw post above that UPG could help me do this. Wondering also if UPG could help me find a caregiver that could help me find the strain for me. I’ve heard so many miracle stories about MMJ. This is really no way for anyone to live. Any relief is welcomed.
    THank you

    • Becky,
      Alexis loves to hear from her followers! She also owns a company called “CANServe” You can find her there on Facebook. Also, if you send me an email, I have been given authorization to give you her email privately. My email is
      All the best,

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  25. Hi there,
    I also seem to have late stage chronic Lyme – I cannot afford to go into further testing, but I showed positives on a test that I’ve since been told usually comes up negative even if Lyme is present. A nurse I met who has chronic Lyme told me that I must really have it if it showed on the test (test given by Labcorp.)

    Anyway, I have only had problems with the pain relievers doctors dole out. I want to be off of them! I am wondering if there is a particular type of cannabis that helps you most? I have attempted using it medicinally a few times but do not like the “loopy” way my mind seems to function with it. I’ve heard that there are many different types – do you know what type you use? Does it affect your thinking, or does it just relieve tension in your body, thereby relieving pain?

    I so want to find something that works that isn’t a hideous addictive narcotic. I’ve struggled, and still struggle, for years with different forms of those. They’re a dead end road and getting out of their trap is so incredibly awful.

    If you can share more about what type you use / how it affects you….any other information about it, I’d be super appreciative. I just don’t know where to turn with this Lyme thing; I’ve done antibiotics for awhile, but quit because I kept getting sick, probably due to their lowering of my already weakened immune system. I may have had Lyme in my system for about 20 years, though I didn’t learn about it until about four-five years ago. My income is low (I can’t hold a job) and of course insurance doesn’t cover chronic Lyme therapies, plus I have no idea what might work for me as everyone is different. I cannot afford to go chasing down any more rabbit trails looking for answers when I may end up owing a fortune and finding no help.

    Take care; thanks for sharing, and I hope to hear from you.

  26. I have lyme’s going on 10 years and maintained ok until HellCanada got stupid and I lost my DG. I plan to move out east in a year, is it hard getting a doctor to prescribe in New Brunswick?

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